Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Farewell Foundation seeks to Challenge Canada's assisted suicide Act

A group of suicide activists, is attempting to establish a non-profit corporation in British Columbia to assist the suicides of its members and to overturn Section 241b of the criminal code, the assisted suicide Act in Canada, through the court. On March 17, 2011 the British Columbia Registrar of Companies refused to register the Farewell Foundation because the aims of the organization contravene the criminal code. The leader of the Farewell Foundation appears to be Russel Ogden, a criminologist who has been involved in the euthanasia lobby for many years. His euthanasia work has included being involved with Nu-Tech. Ogden has always claimed that he was a researcher but in fact he has always been an activist in the euthanasia lobby. In an article written by Tiffany Crawford and published in the Vancouver Sun on April 8, 2011; Crawford quotes the statement by Jason Gratl, the lawyer for the Farewell Foundation who stated:
The foundation proposes a similar model based on organizations in that country (Switzerland) such as Exit, which has 70,000 members.
This means that the Farewell Foundation intends to establish an assisted suicide killing centre/organization that will provide lethal drugs, information and devices and directly assist their deaths. The Farewell Foundation is appealing the decision of the Registrar of Companies and it is also attempting to bring its case further by challenging the assisted suicide Act itself. The Euthanasia Prevention Coalition is watching this case closely and will intervene in the case, if necessary, at the appropriate time.


Voice of Gone Ballistic said...

I am sick to even think that Canada would adopt laws that would create the slippery slope of assisted suicide from those who are in terrible pain to those that are only depressed as is being seen in the jurisdictions that have made assisted suicide legal. audreylaferriere@yahoo.ca And as for Jason the lawyer just thinking about him assisting those that want assisted suicide to be legal scares the hell out of me. But then he maybe nothing more than an ambulance chaser.

Peter McCorduck said...

OBviously the First Noted Comment Is uneducated as to the damage pain does to people. When it is impaled upon the brain as I have to deal with EVERY DAY ALL DAY and put up with Doctors who DONT Care. I am too old to bother with. I will live a life if pain for far too many years to come YEs I have attemptd jumped bridges to frigid water . Drugs These failures make life even more mentally cruel . The courts began this by Finding me guilty of a crime When it should have Acquittred me. setting me on a mentaly painfull slope . ALong with 15 broken vertebra awaiting to paralyse me at the first wrong move. Chronic lung disease That wakes me most nights suffocating . HOW often have I prayed to just sleep through this and not wake like my mother . I am now Older than she when she died of COPD IMe stronger health wise but this hangs over me preventing slep for fear of not Death but a STROKE. IVe had one the chances of another are high . I am living in a time capsule awaiting death.,

Peter McCorduck said...

or worse imobility due to my conditions . This is no way any person should live IVe been retired since 1986 living on a puny CPP pension at age 41 this has been a long and painful time, Living on 11 to 25 pills. Do I want to Die? I do not truthjfully know but Ive had some good tries . I must the pain is beyond belief when 1 to 7 nerve roots are impinged . I read Radiolologists reports that are HOGWASH I look at the FILMS myself and I can see THe term hogwash is mild . MY mental health Has a direct root as the result of a Corrupt Jucge on the Federal court system > Automotism once stated as proven should be Acquitted He did not acquit me . that is corruption! I am too poor to apeal the case I was too poot to fight the case the applied layer had no concept of the case I did . When the weight of your world is so heavy There is No choice but to allow a person to end life with dignity . IT must be allowed!

I would like to be a speaker on this in the courts. HOwever I remind those I am a professional And I can be hurtfull of the listeners I am not affraid to Face a judge On Contempt Charges . Can I have my chance to speak on life for thousands like me on the trash pile of unwanted human that are made to feel bad asking a Doctor to prescribe a Drug to actually help release the pain. Many of you may have read this and said I CANNOT TYPE true double caps caps that are not needed typoes . try my life 6 Brokenm vertebra of only 6 in my neck It makes life besides excrutuiatingly painfull But Frustrating . Frustration is a part of Mental ilness .I Am somewhat Self destructive I cycled to visit a friend who had tried 4 times in a week to Comit suicide And failed hospitals turn us away and Perhaps this is the MOst important statement I will make in this SUICIDE IS A BEHAVIOURAL PROBLEM NOT PSYCHIATRIC GO HOME QUOTE THE PSYCHIATRISTS AT ABBOTSFORD REGIONAL HOSPITAL > HOw rewdiculous when there is a psychiatric reason that does cause a behavioural one . Brought in to the hospital by police only to be sent home minutes later by Doctors who know very little of the pain we suffer mentally and physically . When we are in a society to Cheap to treat us fully for out problem Then Help us to complete what we starterd out to do only causing harm to our bodies , not the intended death .
WE those who chose this have the right under the freedom of Choice act but the ones who can help us are prevented by out dated laws that need to be only aided by having REAS to the perosn A disclaimer of responsibility . I as a Human would do all I could to help a person life a life that can be healthy and Fruitful but Failing that surely I would be ashamed of myself keeping a person having on to each breath as a final instant or just another in the long days untill the patient dies . We have laws Against torture . I turned 64 and I recently found out a PROMISED surgury to help me reduce my pain Was no longer to be I am now on the human waste pile thanks to our Government HOw did I feel hearing that after waiting for a hospital bed for 1=21 months . SUICIDA It took all my emotional strength to be here today and writing this I am again goung thru this trauma . I Can live 20 years I dont want to Waiting for each day to close with Drug induced sleep is hell they are 24 hours too longh.