Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Oregon citizen wants assisted suicide for people with Alzheimer's

Rodger Winn, an Oregon citizen, wrote an article promoting the extension of assisted suicide laws to people with Alzheimer's that he titled: A matter of choice

Winn is proposing that the answer to people with Alzheimer's is to give them a lethal dose.

Since when is it a matter of choice for people who cannot ask for assisted suicide, and what happens when the person is unable to "self-administer" the lethal dose themselves. Well, self-administer is really a misnomer in Oregon because it has been defined as "to ingest" and because there is no witness required at the time of death. To ingest could mean that you swallow or that it is absorbed throught your IV.

I wonder if Winn would say that there is no fear of a slippery slope in Oregon?

Link to Winn's letter that was published on Oregon Live on Saturday, January 29, 2011.

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tara said...

Suicide should be a beautiful and enpowering experiance, and a dignified way to say good bye to the loved ones you know.Having had TWO immediate family members with Alzhiemers {as well as caring for an autistic son} I have seen first hand how horrible the condition is. No one in their right mind would want to go through the experiance of having Alzheimers or caring for the patient.We are all living way past the point God intended us to and pay a heavy price. Let people make up their own minds while they still have their faculties, can make their own choices and say good bye to their loved ones with with real love and caring.And dammit, if God doesnt like it, He shouldnt inflict people with such horrendous tragedy in the first place.