Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Conference Opposes Euthanasia, Honors 'Italy's Terri Schiavo'

Conference on Second Anniversary of Eluana Englaro's Death by Dehydration in Rome

On Wednesday, February 9th, pro-life and anti-euthanasia leaders are gathering in Rome to remember the death of Eluana Englaro, who is often referred to as "Italy's Terri Schiavo" for the many similarities between the ways they were unjustly killed. The one-day conference will also raise awareness and support for an Italian anti-euthanasia bill that is circulating in the Italian Parliament.

Eluana Englaro, who was cognitively disabled, died on February 9, 2009 of dehydration, after her father, Beppino Englaro, was successful in having her fluids and food removed. The case was widely publicized as Italian politicians took opposing sides in the matter, and many advocates from Terri Schiavo's late father, Bob Schindler, to the Vatican, pleaded for her life to be spared.

"There are many similarities between Terri's and Eluana's cases: both boiled down to a family member and the courts trying to end their lives, and being opposed by other family members, national politicians and the Church," said Joseph Meaney, Acting Director of HLI's Rome office, and one of the presenters at the conference. "Eluana's case has national and regional significance, as Italian legislators are trying to pass an anti-euthanasia bill. Euthanasia advocates are also busy throughout the European Union trying to expand this grisly practice, which is already sadly legal in several member nations."

Human Life International, Italia Christiana and Militia Christi are co-sponsoring the one-day conference at the prestigious Roma Cavour Conference center.

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