Friday, January 14, 2011

Montana Senate Bill 116 - The Elder Abuse Prevention Act

This is a message for Montana citizens only.

Senator Greg Hinkle has sponsored Senate Bill 116 - The Elder Abuse Prevention Act in Montana. This is some information concerning SB 116.

The Elder Abuse Prevention Act SB 116
"An Act Prohibiting Aid in Dying"
Senate Bill 116

1. The phrase, “aid in dying,” is commonly used to describe assisted suicide and euthanasia.

2. Most states that have considered legalizing assisted suicide have rejected it. Only two states allow it.

3. Legal assisted suicide is a recipe for elder abuse because it empowers heirs and others to pressure and abuse older people to cut short their lives. In Oregon, where assisted suicide is legal, reported statistics are consistent with elder abuse.

4. In 2009, the Montana Supreme Court issued a decision that opened the door to legalizing assisted suicide in Montana. The Court referred to the practice as “aid in dying.” When making this ruling, the Court overlooked its own precedent imposing civil liability against doctors and others who cause another person to commit suicide. The Court also overlooked elder abuse.

5. Preventing elder abuse is official Montana State policy.

6. SB 116 prevents elder abuse by reversing the Court’s decision and explicitly prohibiting "aid in dying," assisted suicide, euthanasia and mercy killing.

Let Your Montana Legislators Know that You are for Senator Hinkle’s SB 116, the Elder Abuse Prevention Act, to Prohibit Assisted Suicide.(“an act prohibiting aid in dying”)

Handwritten letters mailed from your district are best.

You have one Senator and one Representative. Find out who they are, here:

A message from the:
Montanans Against Assisted Suicide and For Living with Dignity
PO Box 2691
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