Thursday, January 20, 2011

Israel overwhelming rejects assisted suicide law

Israel news reported yesterday that the Knesset rejected a bill to legalize assisted suicide by a vote of 48 to 16.

The news article stated:
In a preliminary reading, the Knesset has rejected a law proposal that would have allowed (assisted suicide) terminally ill patients to take drugs that would cause them to die.

NK Chaim Oron (Meretz), who initiated the law titled 'Death by Prescription,' proposed that a dying patient who is able and of legal age should receive, upon request, a prescription for a lethal dose of a sedative. Only 16 MKs voted for the law, while 48 voted against it.
Considering the devastating experience with the T4 euthanasia programme in Nazi Germany, It is shocking that even 16 MKs in Israel would consider the legalization of assisted suicide.

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