Saturday, December 27, 2008

New Hamphire lawmakers will debate assisted suicide in 2009

An Associated Press article has reported that the New Hampshire legislature will be debating assisted suicide in 2009.

The article stated:
New Hampshire lawmakers will debate next year whether to allow terminally ill people to get help from their doctors to commit suicide.

Rep. Charles Weed says his "death with dignity" bill is modeled after an Oregon statute. He says some terminally ill people feel good they have the option even if they don't exercise it.

The Keene Democrat says his bill would require applicants to go through a long procedure that includes getting approval from their doctor and a non-family member.

Weed says he doubts the bill will pass, but he wants to educate people through the debate.

Since Oregon's law took effect in 1997, more than 340 people — mostly ailing with cancer — have used it to end their lives.

The Euthanasia Prevention Coalition expects that many states will debate assisted suicide over the next 2 years. We hope that those debates will be based on facts and not the propaganda that is provided by the death lobby.

The people in Washington State bought the "Big Lie" from the Oregon experience. Compassion & Choices (C&C)in Oregon would want you to think that everything is fine in Oregon. The fact is that C&C is directly involved with 73% of all the assisted suicide deaths in Oregon.

Further to that, there is no proof that physicians are following the guidelines in Oregon. The reporting system stipulates that a physician will submit a report after the death, which may be many months after the person obtained their prescription and usually the physician is not present at the death.

In other words, a self-reporting physician will not report whether or not the prescription was written for a person who showed signs of clinical depression or who was not terminally ill.

The fact that there is no requirement for a witness at the time of death means that there is no proof that people are not being coerced to take the drugs or that the death was really euthanasia and not assisted suicide.

Nonetheless, C&C has done an effective job at covering up the facts of the Oregon law and they are now pressuring the Oregon government to widen the interpretation of the statute.

New Hampshire residents need to say to there legislators, NOT IN OUR STATE.

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