Thursday, December 11, 2008

Germany to compile list of Nazi euthanasia victims

A group of German historians are compiling the names of the victims of the Nazi Euthanasia program to remember the terrible actions in the past.

The article that can be linked to at:

The article indicates that at least 100,000 people with disabilities and the incurably ill died in six centres by euthanasia between 1940 - 45 with at least 70,000 people dying between January 1940 to August 1941 alone. These people were referred to as “useless eaters”

Many people are unaware of the historical fact that the T4 Euthanasia Program was the precursor to the ethnic cleansing that took place in the German concentration camps. The methods that were perfected in the mental institutions were exported to the concentration camps.

Link to the website by Mark Mostert entitled: Useless Eaters

Link to another article on this subject:,2144,3811572,00.html

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