Thursday, September 11, 2008

Both candidates for governor oppose Washington State I-1000 assisted suicide initiative

Both gubernatorial candidates in Washington State oppose the I-1000 assisted suicide initiative.

Democratic Governor Chrisine Gregoire and the Republican candidate for governor, Dino Rossi have both expressed their opposition to legalizing assisted suicide in Washington State.

Rossi who has vocally opposed the I-1000 initiative said:
"My mom had cancer. She had breast cancer," he said. "She started having chemotherapy. She couldn't keep anything down. I'd leave from work and come to lunch and try to get her to eat something. She couldn't keep anything down. If this was available, I think she would have opted to have a doctor help take her life," he said.

Rossi said a relative of his, a nurse, found better medication for her and "my mom started having more of a will to eat and keep food down and started gaining weight again. She lived a couple more years and ended up seeing our first child be born. If she'd had that option [assisted suicide], that never would have happened."

Gregoire opposes the I-1000 initiative but only a personal level. She said:
"I have looked at this from every perspective. I have concluded that for me, personally, I will vote no," she said. "But I will not get involved in any campaign at all. I think it's a very personal decision to be decided by the voters. I will respect the outcome of the vote."

I think what is important is that both party leaders oppose this initiative because it is wrong.

The voters need to recognize that the I-1000 assisted suicide initiative is a threat to the most vulnerable people in society.

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