Saturday, September 13, 2008

Assisted suicide case goes to court

A Clarksville man charged with assisted suicide was arraigned Monday in Jones' courtroom.

Keith Eugene Williams, 47, is accused of unlawfully, knowingly and intentionally attempting to assist in the suicide of his wife by cutting her throat.

According to a March 3 arrest warrant signed by Clarksville Police Officer Timothy Edwards, Williams cut his wife's throat in an attempt to cause her death. He then cut his own throat, according to the warrant. Also, a vehicle at the couple's residence had a hose attached to the exhaust and entering the cab, Edwards wrote.

The victim told police her husband cut her to ease the “constant pain” they’re both experiencing,

Williams appeared in court Monday and has appointed Public Defender Crystal Myers to represent him. Young will prosecute the case. Williams' next court date is Oct. 24 for settlement.

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