Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Washington I-1000 Initiative is the most important vote in this November's election cycle.

Dear Readers:

I came across this beg letter from Faye Girsh, the vice president of the Hemlock Society of San Diego California.

I agree with Faye Girsch that this is the most important vote in ten years.

Sadly, many of the leaders of pro-life, religious, disability and medical communities, remain unaware of the importance of the I-1000 initiative in Washington State.

If the I-1000 initiative passes in Washington State, the momentum is likely to shift toward the legalisation of assisted suicide throughout the United States in a series of state by state Initiatives.

Washington State was chosen by the euthanasia lobby as the "most likely" place to legalise assisted suicide in the United States. The Euthanasia lobby has combined forces by focusing on Washington State at a national level.

We must hold the line.

I know that you people many other commitments and concerns but the Coalition Against Assisted Suicide in Washington State desperately needs your support.

A recent report showed that the Dying With Dignity campaign in Washington State has raised 10 times more money than the Coalition Against Assisted Suicide.

The euthanasia lobby is united in their effort to use Washington State as a springboard for their nationwide goal of legalising assisted suicide. They have raised an incredible amount of money from throughout the USA. Faye Girsh is the prime example, she is raising money in California to legalise assisted suicide in Washington State.

Please help make Faye Girsh's biggest fear come true. Please support the Washington State Coalition Against Assisted Suicide.
Coalition Against Assisted Suicide
P.O. Box 11794
Olympia WA 98508

Comment by Faye Girsh:
The Hemlock Society of San Diego, a 501 C4 organization, is convinced that the Washington Death with Dignity initiative is the most important focus of the right-to-die movement in more than a decade.

To this end, and consistent with our past support of every ballot initiative since the first one in Washington state in 1991, we are having a campaign to raise funds to support this initiative. We have already sent $10,000 to Yes on I-1000.

Last month we launched a Matching Fund challenge to our members. We will match all contributions up to a total of $25,000. We have sent out two mailings with the required election law information and have asked our members to send their checks made out directly to Yes on I-1000 to us, with the required information. We will match every cent and send the total to the campaign in Washington.

We have spent our own funds to invite Eli Stutsman to speak to our members on two recent occasions, have had a party to launch the campaign, and, by the end of the month, will have sent out three mailings.

We are concerned about the mobilization of the Catholic Church and Right to Life organizations to raise significant money for its defeat since they also realize that success will have a domino effect. We feel that a victory in Washington is the best hope for California to have such a law. Our board has been consistently unanimous in its support of this effort.

Faye Girsh, Vice President
Hemlock Society of San Diego


Peg said...

I hope this works. All the best.

Christine said...

Fr. Robert Spitzer gave an excellent presentation in May that touched on the implications that I-1000 will have on other states if passed. His talk can be heard here, www.gospeloflifeinstitute.org/audio.htm.