Thursday, August 14, 2008

Janet Rivera - update

You may remember the case of Janet Rivera, the woman in California who was being dehydrated to death with approval of her public guardian Dr. David Hadden without any indication that Rivera would have wanted to die this way and against the wishes of her family.

The courts have temporarily granted public guardianship to Michael Dancoff, Rivera's brother.

A judge has now officially removed Hadden as the public guardian and the family is waiting until a further court decision next month for a final ruling to give guardianship to Dancoff.

Dancoff stated to that:
"I think she's not in a total vegetative state. I think she's in a mentally conscious state ... I'm going to try to wake her up."

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Leslie said...

Time for some Ambien??

Lord, we thank you for a judge with a moral
compass for Janet's sake!