Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Russia to ban child adoption for Belgians.

By Alex Schadenberg
Euthanasia Prevention Coalition - International Chair

Cheryl Eckstein, the leader of the Compassionate Healthcare Network sent out an important news story from Russia concerning Belgium extending euthanasia to children.

The Voice of Russia reported on March 9, 2014 stated that:
Russian officials have come up with a proposal to ban child adoption by citizens of countries where child euthanasia is permissible.
The report states:
Russian MPs have proposed to put a ban on child adoption by citizens of countries where the euthanasia of underage children is allowed. A lawyer, Larisa Pavlova, the Chairwoman of the board of Directors of the Parents Committee (a public organization) shares the opinion of the Russian MPs. 
“It is high time that we not only make friends but also appreciate the condition of the society we plan to contact with. Therefore, we can say that the society which officially favours murdering of children is unhealthy.”
Russia has decided to protect its citizens from euthanasia. People will often adopt children with disabilities. Russia has made a good decision to protect Russian children from being adopted by citizens of countries that allow euthanasia of children.

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