Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Euthanasia Prevention Coalition (EPC) welcomes an open debate on euthanasia and assisted suicide.

By Alex Schadenberg
Executive Director - Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

Steven Fletcher MP intends to introduce two private members bills to legalize euthanasia and assisted suicide. Based on the order of precedence, Mr. Fletcher's euthanasia bills will not have time to be voted-on in parliament. Mr Fletcher has introduced these bills to create a debate on the issues in Canada.

Sign the Declaration of Hope to oppose euthanasia and assisted suicide.

The Euthanasia Prevention Coalition (EPC) welcomes an open and forthright debate that provides all information and facts concerning euthanasia and assisted suicide. We are not interested in a one-sided debate. The more facts and information that Canadians have about euthanasia and assisted suicide, the more they oppose it.

In Belgium, where euthanasia was legalized in 2002, studies indicate that as many assisted deaths are done without request and many of the assisted deaths are not reported. In January, Belgian euthanasia doctor, Marc Cosyns admitted that he does not report the euthanasia deaths that he does, even though reporting is a requirement of the euthanasia law. Recently Belgium extended euthanasia to children.

In February 2014, the Netherlands Health Minister stated that there were 42 psychiatric euthanasia deaths in 2013 with one of them being a healthy woman who was blind and was "obsessed by cleanliness and could not stand being unable to see spots on her clothes." Recently a former leader of the euthanasia lobby in the Netherlands stated that the Netherlands euthanasia law has derailed.

The fact is that legalizing euthanasia or assisted suicide is lethal and not safe.

CTV interview with Dr Will Johnston, EPC - BC Chair.

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Anonymous said...

If you want to stick to the facts: it were not 45 but 43 cases, and Chabot was NOT "the former leader of the euthanasia lobby". His opnion on teh 'derailment' of our law is not shared by a majority of leaders, politicians and citizens in the NL. Everyone is entitled to his/her conviction, and so I would never propagate euthanasia or assisted suicide for soemone who does not ask to be assisted.
Rob Jonquière, Amsterdam

Alex Schadenberg said...

The original article states that there were 45 cases, if there were 43 cases I am happy to change my information.

As for Chabot, he wasthe leader of the NVVE a few years ago?

My assessment is that they are the leading euthanasia lobby voice in the Netherlands.

Anonymous said...

-The passing of a bill legalizing euthanasia in CANADA or any other country, is "far too risky" for us humans to venture into.
-Regardless of the "protections" or "use limiting" legislation or control devices we put in place initially, from that time onward it will be a simple process, of passing an amendment or update to change the rules.
-We are all aware of how quickly our Governments, and Management Boards, are to change things too suit what they think is for the greater good, and doing so with LITTLE or NO INPUT from the people that their choices most effect.
-None of us have any idea "WHO" will be managing the rights of such legislation in the future.
-Nor do we know what "THEIR" hidden (personal gain) interests/agendas, or moral values, towards euthanasia will be.
-Given the track records of past performances on important issues of this nature, I will not put my future choices (or that of my decedents), on such important life governing measures, in the hands of a system that is most certain to fail, in dealing with the better good for all people.
-Hopefully the people of CANADA think this out to the end and realize that DEFEATING - not only this proposed bill, but "further the choice" by positive legislation, to prevent this subject from being brought up again in the future.
Gary J.

Ironsides said...

@Rob Jonquiere, Amsterdam: Nit-picking between 45 or 43 doesn't change the overall message, that alot of people in Belgium, Holland and Switzerland are scared to death, of having a medical problem to where they need to see a doctor.

They know that there is a growing number of doctors of death awaiting them. If they don't have to fear their own doctor, there might be a nurse who has a dislike for them.

Unsolicited executions, are murders. Murders require prosecution and conviction. It shows that, there never was any intentions on enforcing "safeguards". It was only a buzz-word, which got laws passed, to sweep murders under the table.