Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Nitschke continues to promote lethal veterinary drugs via the internet

By Alex Schadenberg
International Chair - Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

Philip Nitschke, Australia's Dr. Death, continues to promote the purchase of Nembutal, a drug used by veterinarians for euthanasia, through his website and "chatroom" to people who purchase his peaceful pill book.

In the June - July, 2010 version of the Exit International newsletter Nitschke published an article - Nembutal by Mail: Online Trade in Barbituates.

In March I commented on a report from the Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine of 51 people in Australia who died from lethal veterinary drugs.

My blog report stated that:
... of the 51 people who were known to have died from Nembutal, 6 people were in their 20's, 8 people were in their 30's, 5 people were in their 40's, 14 people were in their 50's, 3 people in their 60's, 10 in their 70's, and 5 people were over the age of 80.

Further to that, the report found that of the 38 known deaths that were investigated by a coroner, only 11 had a significant physical illness or chronic pain with the remaining 27 cases showing no signs of physical problems.

The report suggested that the 27 otherwise healthy people who died from Nembutal use were most likely depressed or mentally ill.
Link to the blog comment: http://alexschadenberg.blogspot.com/search/label/Nembutal

The recent article in Exit International Newsletter reports that some people have ordered and received lethal veterinary drugs while others have sent money and been ripped off by the online veterinary clinic.

Nitschke continues to be completely irresponsible in his promotion of lethal drugs. He refuses to acknowledge that the colateral damage associated with his escapades threatens the lives people who live with depression and mental illness, who need caring, professional support and not death.

Further to that, his concept that he is somehow forwarding the cause of a human right is particularly disturbing. A human right to die is a misnomer at best.

The fact is that Nitschke recklessly abandons vulnerable people who deserve social, and psychological support, excellent care, effective pain management and a caring community. We do not need a "cowboy" who promotes lethal doses of drugs for anyone and everyone.

It is about time that the world community establish protocols for shipments of lethal doses. This is not about freedom, this is about direct and intentional killing of people at the most vulnerable time of their life.


Anonymous said...

What a load of s**t. I want to know and I want to receive good, open, honest information about how and where to acquire the exit I desire so much. IT IS ABOUT MY FREEDOM TO CHOOSE. asshole

Anonymous said...

I am a man aged 30 and have struggled with depression for about 16 or 17 years. I have tried different therapies and none of the worked. I have no desire for this life and wish to end it. But unfortunately i cant get the help i want because depression isnt treated the same as other illnesses so i just have to continue to suffer.

Anonymous said...

I'm a 36 year old bipolar depression sufferer. I would give anything to end this pain safely. Normal people have no sympathy or understanding. Psychiatry has no solutions for us.

Alex Schadenberg said...

People seek suicide for many different reasons, most often due to mental illness, depression, mental breakdown or psychological anguish.

Suicide does not solve those problems, it only creates new problems for the survivors.

We need real solutions to mental pain, not suicide.

sk1951 said...

CHOICE!!!! I had no choice when I came screaming and kicking into this world! Doctors are sworn to do anything they can to prevent death...even to the horrors we see in hospice care...we won't let animals suffer like they do in hospice. IMHO society places to much value on human life (I think because most are afraid to die...strange when they believe that we are going to a better place...) We are not afraid to slaughter millions of young people in wars but no way do we want someone wanting to die to leave! Strange thinking to me. Yes...depression is a great reason to give up. I have suffered with depression and sever sleep apnea all my life. I have worked very hard to over come my handicaps. When I was younger I could work and party hard sports camp fish hunt fight f.... and all the rest. But the apnea (which I can't get a doctor to cure even though the cures are available...they just want to stick a vacuum cleaner on your head) has literally sucked the life out of me. I am more tired when I wake up then when I go to sleep. All my life I have hated it when someone said "Good Morning". My response was never good. But anyway...I have had it. I can't do the things that use to help me over my depressions because I am so very old inside. All I want is to sleep...peace at last. It is so hard to explain to anyone that does not understand. Bottom line is everyone has a level that they call living. Sitting in front of a TV taking 30 pills a day waiting for your next doctor appointment is not living for me. I have lived my life my way. I should be able to stop it when I want. I do not want to have my head blown off by a 12 gage or jump of a cliff...that is just ugly. I want to have a nice peaceful exit not a violent one. I do not want to "kill myself." I have simply out lived what I consider "living life" on earth. I do not think getting old and sucking the life out of society is helping me or anyone else. Please help to let people choose. No one gave me a choice to be here...it is or "should be" my choice when I want to leave.

David said...

Alex Schadenberg your in a box. People can live in a literal hell on earth for those that are mentally ill and those that are dying to there to last breath here. Many have tried every option out there for there illness, unfortunately in many cases the only solution is for them to exit this life and move on peacefully. All this stems from fear and misunderstanding. We should all be able to control our life as we'll as our death. It's about CHOICES. Power to the people. How dare you and all those politicians try to control people and make people go through those horrific
conditions. You obviously have no clue what the hell goes on in nursing homes. These people live undignified in there for hours, days and even years.

Society is still very barbaric letting this happen even in this day and age, and I don't want any part of this madness. It's unthinkable what people let go on these days. Turning a blind eye to some of the most excruciating pain and unthinkable suffering. Especially these Christians and Catholics that call themselves compassionate. How dare they turn a blind eye to the suffering that goes on in these nursing homes and then go to church and praise God and think that God is on there side. If anything for many of them, God is wagging his head in disgust.

Our animals get a peaceful exit from life why don't people. Isn't human life more valuable than an animal. I don't want any part of this hypocrisy.

It's needles suffering that the terminally ill not have the option of euthanasia. And I'm quite disgusted with a society especially Christians and Catholics that let this happen.

Peace! And when I say it I mean it.

mt said...

Alex Shadenberg speaks like a nice Jewish boy mindlessly mouthing a lesson learnt by rote. He talks of sparing the 'survivors' not sparing life's victims of their endless torture by providing them with the mercy of a dignified, peaceful exit.
What about our 'democratic rights', our freedom of choice??!! Alex's view is blinkered,selfish and cowardly.
May I also point out that those who have been shouting loudest against the choice for a peaceful death are the very people who applaud war and weapons of mass destruction like Oppenheimer's Atomic bomb. How misdirected is that?!?!
your sincerely MTapales

So said...

I am a 25 years old girl. I am depression for 5 ~ 6 years. No anyone can help me. Even the christian, even the Lord. I hope all the people who again Euthanasia will suffer all the pain of the patient.

Alex Schadenberg said...

Dear So:

You can get help from depression, but like many diseases, you may require many different types of treatment before an effective treatment is found.

You also need to know that you are not alone and there are many good organizations that want to help you.

Winston said...

Would you be happier if Dr. Nitschke was promoting suicide bombing, Alex? Because aside from Nembutal, there are very few reliable methods of exiting this world.

James Anderson said...

I have a great deal of respect for Philip Nitschke.

I have suffered from depression and anxiety for three years now and life is truly painful. I want it to end.

I have tried every family of antidepressant available and none of this junk works.

Alex Schadenberg you are a white knighting fool who has no idea of the pain people are suffering.

I suggest you stuff some antidepressant medication down your own throat then write another article. I suspect your anecdotal opinion on how depression can be so easily treated may well change.

Full respect to Philip Nitschke for putting his neck on the line and making information freely available and allowing people to make their OWN choices about their OWN lives.

Alex you are a narrow minded reporter who likes to dictate to people how YOU think they should live.

Learn a bit about depression first before writing articles on subjects you clearly know nothing about.

Also please dont use this propaganda hype about there being nothing physically wrong with the people who have commited suicide because clearly there was a lot wrong and now they feel no pain.

Its because of idiots like you Nembutal is getting restricted and as already mentioned by someone it is a very non painful and non intrusive way to die. Restrict nembutal and you encourage people to poison themselves and use guns both can have disasterous results.

Go and white knight your limited opinion elsewhere leave people who are suffering alone.

Anonymous said...
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Tom.Jabar said...

Alex why you make yourself fool?
you try to show the way to the people who there is no available any treatment for them.
i know the sick guy who ask his family to sale everything for his treatment with no point and 0 chance,
he was able to sale his short to live a day more.. what i want to say its that depend on the people, some stick to life like glue and some like to leave, there is nothing wrong with them, let the people choice the way and do not criticism them

John Gabriel New Calculus said...

Your article shows gross ignorance on your part. You fail to understand that it is the right of every human being to choose the time and place to die, regardless of age, illness or any other factor.

Just as I have no say over your life or death, you have NO say over mine.

Make sense Alex?

Alex Schadenberg said...

Dear John:

It is irresponsible to promote Nembutal to people. Many people are depressed others are mentally ill and with the further promotion of Nembutal we are seeing veterinary clinics being broken into. All of this is irresponsible.

A must read article: http://alexschadenberg.blogspot.ca/2010/02/hoarding-death-drugs.html

As for assisted suicide, it isn't simply about autonomy because another person is involved in the death.

tc22 said...

"We need real solutions to mental pain, not suicide."

These are big words, but the sad fact is that there is no real help for many mental problem nor there is any intention to help.
These people would have killed themselves anyway. At least they had the opportunity to end their suffering peacefully rather than hang themselves up or jump in front of a car. It's sad indeed but there are conditions when death is the only way of relief. No one has the right to force other people to suffer!!!!! It's just so selfish.

Alex Schadenberg said...

Dear TC22:

Mental pain is a very difficult issue, but suicide and assisted suicide is not the answer.

We need real support for these people.

My sister-in-law committed suicide and her pain was real, but the real tragedy was how who was not supported in her time of need.

Let's care for people not kill them.

Dave said...

There is not "social, and psychological support, excellent care, effective pain management and a caring community". The world does not work like that.

You get in a hole, there is no way out, and the only interaction you get is people turning their heads and waiting for you to pass by.

Life isn't a fairy tale, and often times the only reasoned response is to check out.

Unknown said...

The responses scare me. I desperately need help for the extreme physical pain I am in. And no one where I live is helping me or even takes me serious. And when I read responses I quit thinking about assisted suicide as an option because I know I will not get another chance.
I also just read the article Alex posted by a nursing instructor-I think- about why elderly are devalued. This is the problem I am finding on my facebook page. Most of the people are youngsters-I do not mean to sound derogatory but they are sure younger then I am. And they do not want to hear anything about my life-they think I just complain.
My sister who lives 2 blocks from me told me I was a drain on her because I am not upbeat enough. last september I nearly died from a very serious infection and I could not even get her to come over to help me even when my fever got almost to 104 degrees F. I have not even seen her once since last August.
Basically, where I live I am disposable. And this hurts. I spent years taking care of my younger siblings so they would not end up in foster homes years ago. And now when I need help I am ignored.
I try my best to be positive but it hurts being disposable --hurts like hell

Alex Schadenberg said...

Dear Jo Ann:

I am reading about your pain and I am concerned for you. Your goal needs to be to find a supportive group or individual who is willing to be with you. It is terrible to be experiencing physical or emotional pain and to be journeying alone.

Thank you for reaching out.