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Canadian euthanasia doctor giggles about killing.

Alex Schadenberg
Executive Director, Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

Liz Carr is an actress, comedian and disability rights activist produced a documentary titled; Better off Dead? that was aired on May 14 by BBC1.

Better off Dead? documentary (Link

Carr who is best known for her role as Clarissa Mullery on the BBC series Silent Witness, interviewed Ellen Wiebe, a Vancouver doctor who has committed some of Canada's most controversial euthanasia deaths.

Ellen Wiebe
Elmira Tanatarova reported for the Daily Mail on May 15 that many of the viewers of the Better off Dead? documentary were uneasy with Wiebe as she giggled when discussing the number of her euthanasia deaths. Tanatarova reports:
A Canadian doctor who has personally euthanised more than 400 people has left viewers feeling 'uneasy' as she 'giggled' while discussing the solemn topic with a disability rights campaigner in a new BBC documentary.

Speaking to Liz Carr's programme, Better Off Dead?, Dr Ellen Wiebe, who works with Dying With Dignity, had audiences feeling uncomfortable as she laughed and smiled while discussing assisted death.

'I love my job,' she said in the show, which aired on Tuesday night. 'I've always loved being a doctor and I delivered over a 1000 babies and I took care of families but this is the very best work I've ever done in the last seven years.
Wiebe tells Carr that nobody is more grateful than the patients that she has killed. Tanatarova reports some of the comments from the BBC documentary viewers:
Enjoying her job a little too much I felt,' one wrote.

'She was extremely scary and oddly cheerful,' another added. 'But it might have been defensiveness which made her so very strange indeed.'

'Her eagerness and her excitement over grateful patients was unsettling,' one poster penned.

'Really eerie,' one comment read. 'Her job should bring feelings of solemnity, profoundness, sadness... anything but the weird euphoric state she seems to be in.'
The Better off Dead? document gives Wiebe an opportunity to explain her experience with euthanasia. Tanatarova reports:
'We have a law and I obey this law and there are people who are not eligible under the law,' she explained.

'There are situations where I might find somebody not eligible or eligible when another person won't because of the way our law is written.'

Ellen explained that the 'number one reason' people look into assisted death is autonomy.

'Everybody's different in what they think of as autonomy and control,' she added.

'They desperately want control. Like, they want to say "it's now".

'At the end we say "OK well I can get back here at seven o'clock is that ok?" and they'll say yes and they'll be so grateful that they can skip the last two days of their life.

'And I look at it and think all you really needed was some more drugs - but you want my drugs? I'll give them to you.'
Wiebe admits that she has killed people who only need "some more drugs" because they want euthanasia, she kills them.

When commenting on euthanasia for people with disabilities, Wiebe reportedly says:
'I've certainly met people who are no more disabled than I am saying that life is not acceptable in this state,' she explained.

'And I would say "hm, you and I are different". But not different in the sense of wanting to have some control.'
Carr then asks Wiebe if she would approve her for euthanasia. Tanatarova reports:
'So Liz right now you love life and you want to live but there's lots of nasty illnesses you might get,' the doctor continued.

'And if you got terminal cancer and you were having to deal with chemotherapy and radiation wouldn't you be thrilled if you had the choice to say "I'll go this far and no further?"'

'For me,' Liz replied. 'I'm concerned that giving the option and the right to a group of people puts another group of people at risk. But I don't feel you see that as a worry.'
Tanatarova responds with Wiebe stating:
'And I am so glad, so glad that I'm a Canadian and that we have this law so that people can choose that or not choose that

'But to say that somebody has to suffer like that is simply cruel.'
Tanatarova then explains that Wiebe has been involved with some controversial deaths.
Last year, it was reported that Ellen said she helped euthanise a man who was previously deemed unsuitable for assisted suicide.

Speaking in a seminar for physicians working in assisted suicide, she told attendees about the time she treated a patient who did not qualify for the end of life service.

A MAiD assessor had rejected the unnamed man because he did not have a serious illness or 'the capacity to make informed decisions about his own personal health.'

But the man eventually made his way to Ellen, who cleared him, flew him out to Vancouver, and euthanised him, The New Atlantic said.
Tanatarova reports on why Liz Carr produced the Better off Dead? documentary:
She told the programme: 'On an everyday basis, disabled people are dealing with a lower expectation and people actually saying to their faces: "Gosh, surely it's better to be dead than be you?"

'That happens. It's shocking. So I wanted that to be the starting point and then let's unravel why that is and how that leads to my fear of legalising assisted suicide.'

The British actress added that 'of course we don't want [a person at the end of their life] to suffer'.

She continued: 'The problem is, actually, a lot of disabled people do suffer. But what they suffer from are the barriers and the obstacles, the fact they have to fight for support, the fact there isn't social care, the fact of attitudes, the fact of lack of access to so many things.

'You know, we do suffer. So don't then make it legal to end that suffering through assisted suicide, that's the fear.'
Carr explains that she is treated differently by people who recognize her as an actress compared to those who don't recognize her. Tanatarova reports:
She explained: 'From my gaze, from somebody who lives in a world where, you know, if I'm recognised in the street, then people are giddy and excited and it's wonderful.

'If I'm not recognised in the street, then I'm ignored or sometimes I'm glanced at as I'm just trouble and I'm a problem and: "Oh god, have we got to get the ramp out? Ugh." I'm just a pain.

'So that difference shows me that oftentimes I think disabled people are just tolerated and I think that's the same with ill people and older people, and I think all those groups would be affected by these laws.

'As long as there's that inequality, it is not safe to legalise... no amount of safeguards will prevent us from mistakes and abuse and coercion, that's my belief.'
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Anonymous said...

So evil and demonic. Canada is not the once proud diverse culture it was knowen for. It is now a culture of death 🙁

Patrick Moxon said...

I have a new found respect and admiration for Liz Carr. What her motto would be? "You don't ever quit just because you are down. You keep fighting."

Mary said...

Evil and demonic, agreed. Flee from these people who hate your souls.

Anonymous said...

In some ways euthanasia is worse than the war crimes of World War 2. It's worse because people are led to believe that they actually have a choice. If it really was their choice, they could just take more drugs themselves, as Dr Ellen Wiebe said in the article. When a doctor injects a patient with a lethal injection which kills them, it's murder, not suicide. The people in the gas chambers of World War 2 were killed by an enemy, not someone pretending to care about them. That's what makes it worse. People actually believe that MAID is a good choice. No need for gas chambers if people are signing their own death warrants. If we who claim to be of sound mind think it's OK to kill another human being under certain circumstances, then what can we expect from those who aren't of sound mind? Canada has gone down a very slippery slope, things need to change. The sanctity of life needs to be respected by all, no more deliberate killing of our vulnerable citizens, or pre-born citizens. Our Charter of Rights & Freedoms says, "Everyone has the right to life." The right to kill another life, no matter how small or sick, should never be a legal option. It is called genocide.

Therese said...

i am very sorry to belong to this culture of death that is a far cry from the Canada we knew. To think of a doctor giggling when talking about death makes me shudder.

Anonymous said...

It’s a shame that it’s not available to watch anywhere outside the UK. People around the world need to see this

Siggi Rohde said...

I agree fully with 'Anonymous'!
Hippocratic Oath
A new Medical Doctor has to swear the Hippocratic_Oath
In its original form, it requires a new physician to swear, by a number of healing gods, to uphold specific ethical standards.
It includes saving a life at all costs!.
Under TrudIDIOT's socialistic reign, anything goes, including GENOCIDE OF OUR OWN CANADIAN PEOPLE!

Alex Schadenberg said...

Here is the link.

Unknown said...

Killing others is an indescribable evil. It is bad enough when gangsters or criminals laugh at what they did to kill others. But when a doctor does it, it becomes so much more evil, as they violate their oath of vocation, and the trust of their patients. Is such an entitlement worth going to Hell over for the doctor and the patient who agreed to it. But God have mercy on those who are killed against their will as many more are today than before. What will God say to those who do abuse others when they finally meet God face to face. How will they justify to God what they have done to so many others, to laugh at the grief of others and call it compassionate? How will they justify to God when God already knows what was in their hearts. It will not be pleasant. You can fool some of the people some of the time, some of the people all the time. but no one can fool or con God.

Deacon William Orazio Gallerizzo
Catholic Pastoral Bioethics

Anonymous said...

You don't take into account any context of how this provider goes about her work, you don't know the context of her patients seeking
MAiD. You should probably butt outđŸ«€

Anonymous said...

Met Dr Wiebe once during a medical conference and could not stay long around her. Why? Her spirit emanated destruction.. The giggle was there, always there.

Linda Nordick said...

Thanks for the link

Meghan said...

We know the context, Anonymous. Canadian doctors are killing disabled people for a living and are perpetuating the world’s deep history of killing or otherwise eliminating disabled people. It’s a problem worthy of everyone’s attention.

Vi said...

What we are witnessing is the Elitist Depopulation Agenda 2030 in plain view. Since the 2030 *DEAD*LINE is fast approaching, these murderers will QUICKLY (& HAPPILY/GLEEFULLY) kill anyone who is desperate enough or naive enough to entrust them with their precious life. :(

In the process, these disgusting doctors (of death & deception) are trying their best to normalize murder by sugarcoating their wicked deeds, by attempting to justify their blood lust and by hiding their prejudice & hatred towards humanity (under the GUISE of compassion) & all with a self-righteous attitude and a smile on their devious & pitiful faces. :(
WOE unto these psychopaths!