Wednesday, July 26, 2023

Afghanistan veteran slams Canadian government for euthanasia of veterans

Alex Schadenberg
Executive Director, Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

Kelsi Sheren
Will Potter reported for the Daily Mail on July 9 that Kelsi Sheren (right), a Canadian military veteran who served in the Afghanistan war, is disgusted with the Canadian government's attitude to euthanasia including making it available to veterans who are suffering from PTSD. Potter writes:
Army veteran Kelsi Sheren was a fresh-faced 19-year-old when she first set foot on the combat field in Afghanistan. It proved to be a life-altering experience.

Six months later the Canadian artillery gunner was 'still shaking' on a military helicopter heading home after witnessing one of her comrades being blown to pieces after he set off an IED in the field as their battalion moved from compound to compound.

'That was my first exposure to watching someone die. And that was my first exposure to having to clean up what was left of someone,' Sheren told
Sheren said that witnessing that horrific death "broke part of her brain" and when she got home she started therapy for post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Potter explains that Sheren has become an outspoken critic of the Canadian government's relaxed attitude to euthanasia - including its push to make it available to veterans plagued by PTSD. Sheren told Potter:
'It's disgusting and it's unacceptable,' she said, arguing that authorities would rather euthanize a soldier than foot the bill for their recovery.
Potter then states:
Sheren is enraged by the 'unacceptable' and 'infuriating' law. She says she personally knows almost a dozen veterans who have been offered euthanasia by authorities, a 'disgusting' approach to 'people who were willing to put their lives on the line... then you have the audacity to tell them it's better if you just die'.
Potter reported that:
Canada has the world's most permissive assisted suicide program. The country is on track to record some 13,500 state-sanctioned suicides in 2022, a 34 percent rise on the 10,064 in 2021, according to Canada's Euthanasia Prevention Coalition's analysis of official data.

Canada's politicians are currently weighing whether to expand access to include children and the mentally ill.
Potter reported that Sheren - whose experience is detailed in her new book, 'Brass and Unity', published by Knox Press - has made it her mission to help other veterans.


Don said...

The Canadian governments attitude to basically offer euthanasia to anyone and everyone is way beyond disgusting! ! Shame on the Canadian government and anyone else who thinks that this is okay. Crazy times that we are living in now.

Janice in Ontario said...

Good for you Sheran! Send to all government reps. Thank you to all veterans who try to help our country and many others, with and without the government's help!

Little Bear said...

Unfortunately only one answer; get rid of this evil government and it's wicked leader Justin Trudeau. How, I do not know, as a legal election is something that I believe we will never see in this shitty regime. Trudeau and his family have never fought for this country or the Canadian people so he has and they have no compassion or understanding what it is to be brave and put your faith in God and your country enough to put your precious life on the line. He and his family are takers and have no real courage, they are cowards!!!

Marlyen said...

Thanks for exposing this horrific policy and just how evil it has become that we as a nation would offer to kill our citizens if they cannot bare what they been experiencing while trying to protect other nations or indeed our nation.I think of over the years all the military including my own father willing went to war to protect democracy and all we have to offer them is if life becomes to unbearable if their thoughts are to painful then we will kill or help you kill yourself.How did we get so barbaric thank you Heavenly Father that you gave my Father the strength to endure and he lived on after the war to be this great dad to my siblings and myself.Enough Canada killing people weak and innocent people is just as criminal it is not progress it is criminal and it brings shame on our nation.If we are going to be leaders as a nation than let’s stop this barbaric acts of abortion of euthanasia and let’s come with real solutions that could actually be called progress every life matters every life is valuable every life was created in the image of God let’s support our veterans.our mentally Ill. Our elderly our unborn no one should have to be killed and we would think that us a solution .Every life counts every life is valuable let’s give a helping hand let’s use our resources to preserve life not destroy it .Murder is unacceptable no matter what name you call it
blessings Marlyen

Anonymous said...

Amen to all that you have said, Marlyen

James said...

Thank you, Marlyen! I could not have said it better! This is so shameful!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous: Yay Marlyen !