Friday, January 27, 2023

Vancouver doctor euthanized a man who was deemed unable to consent.

Alex Schadenberg
Executive Director, Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

Ellen Wiebe
An article by Alexander Raikin published by The New Atlantic last December tells a story of Ellen Wiebe, who runs a euthanasia clinic in Vancouver. This part of the article refers to the fact that Canada's euthanasia law allows death doctor shopping and virtual approvals for death. Raikin wrote:

What if a doctor dutifully screens for eligibility, and rejects someone? Then the person can just go elsewhere.

In another CAMAP seminar recording, we learn of a man who was rejected for MAID because, as assessors found, he did not have a serious illness or the “capacity to make informed decisions about his own personal health.” One assessor concluded “it is very clear that he does not qualify.” But Dying with Dignity Canada connected him with Ellen Wiebe (pronounced “weeb”), a prominent euthanasia provider and advocate in Vancouver. She assessed him virtually, found him eligible, and found a second assessor to agree. “And he flew all by himself to Vancouver,” she said. “I picked him up at the airport, um, brought him to my clinic and provided for him,” meaning she euthanized him.
Raikin then reminds us that Wiebe has stated during public speaking this is “the most rewarding work we’ve ever done.” 

Killing a person who is deemed incompetent is the most rewarding work she has ever done?

Wiebe's long distance killing came back to mind when I published a commentary on the recent article by Erin Anderssen published by the Globe and Mail on January 18 concerns the experience of several families as they grieve the death of family members who died by euthanasia.

Anderssen shares the story of an Ontario woman who was approved for euthanasia in British Columbia without her family knowing. Anderssen wrote:
In Ontario, for instance, a father learned this fall that his adult daughter was being assessed for MAID when she forwarded an e-mail from a B.C. doctor proposing that she travel west to complete the process. By then a plane ticket had already been booked for November. Her parents, who had been caring for her since she was diagnosed with schizophrenia as a young woman, were distraught.

The father, whom The Globe and Mail is not identifying to protect his daughter’s privacy and his relationship with her, says he’d watched, over many months, as MAID consumed his daughter’s day; she pored over how-to information online.

His daughter’s life is not easy, he conceded in an interview. Her mental illness causes fearsome bouts of anger, she spends most of her time alone, and she is plagued by delusions that she is rotting inside from a terminal physical illness.

But certainly, he didn’t think she’d be eligible for an assisted death. While she has some physical health issues, he could not imagine they were serious enough to qualify for MAID....

So it was unfathomable, he says, that a physician was counselling his daughter, who suffers from psychosis, to travel alone halfway across the country. Or that two MAID assessors might approve her without insisting on input from her treating psychiatrist or family doctor. Yet the e-mail suggested an expeditious outcome: If she could get to B.C. – where ostensibly a physical illness might make her eligible – she could qualify within weeks.

The father doesn’t know what illness his daughter used to apply, and was not privy to all the discussions with the MAID clinician. But in the end, the parents managed to persuade their daughter to cancel the plane ticket.
There is no indication in the article that Ellen Wiebe in Vancouver was involved with this case but Wiebe admits to approving euthanasia online and picking up that person at the airport for being killed.
Remember, the case that Anderssen is writing about concerned a woman with schizophrenia. Wiebe approved her death even though parliament has a moratorium on euthanasia for mental illness.

Wiebe admitted last year that she had killed at least 400 people by euthanasia.  


Martin Sanchez said...

All you people who voted Liberal or NDP, this is on you. They have made serial killers into heroes and made serial killings legal.

Voice of Gone Ballistic said...

The problem what is capacity. I can't speak Chinese so does that mean I am incapable.
Are children mature enough to make health care decisions.
What surprises me is that patients are capable sometimes and not capable at other times.

Anonymous said...

I too am suffering from mental illness. I am on the good end of the spectrum right now. I find these businesses and Drs grabbing onto folks with mental health issues and inappropriately murdering these people to be extremely scary. What if I end up on the wrong end of the spectrum and at that time see no way out?
You see, euthanasia by professionals is a guaranteed safe fast outcome with no risk of majorly injuring oneself, then still be alive with more to deal and maybe the inability to try again to commit suicide. That is why these Drs are doing so well: vulnerable folks, whom the majority of us are too dam scared to do it ourselves.
Leslie Crouch

iexhort said...

I read the Globe article you linked to. Then I read the comments. I find it so appalling that most people agree with MAID and criticise blindsided families for wanting more information about their loved one’s death. There is next to no compassion for grieving family members who were suddenly told that their beloved relative was dead. This is especially awful when they have just seen their loved one and expect to see them again soon. I simply don’t understand the disdain people have for their legitimate shock and distress.

Jan O'Leary said...

It's very sad that anyone, but particularly someone with Mennonite name, would have no fear of God before her eyes to murder so many people. People will live somewhere forever. She will have to face God one day. People who choose suicide will also face God. Every person will face judgment after death. Oh be ready human being. Grace is available. The wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Anonymous said...

I find that Drs' with a god, above the law, complex very scary. I have mental health issues. On the spectrum I am good right now.
But that could change down the road. I would be vulnerable to these kind of monsters that prey on folks who have gone off track. And instead of assisting me to get back on my tracks, they could encourage my possible thoughts of getting off this world.
This makes suicide so easy, as folks are mostly scared to actually trust themselves to do it right. It's there in the back of the head what if I dont succeed. I most likely would end up being so damaged and probably not able to try again. With assisted suicide there is no risk of it failing or pain and it's pretty much instant.
Leslie Crouch

Anonymous said...

I can only compare this "doctor" to those "doctors" who were "helping" people in Auschwitz during WWII. She was born 2 generations too late. She killed the guy who was able to travel by plane on his own, and she call is gratifying. It is sick!!!!!

Anonymous said...

It is a horror story only it is real that we as a nation kill our weakPerhaps you are out there reading this and you are feeling hopeless
Listen there is hope for you and each one on this earth because there is a Heavenly Father you were created you with a purpose and a plan. Take a minute and pray ask Jesus Christ to come into your life.Admit to Him you are missing the mark on your own and you need a Saviour that is why God sent Jesus to earth to be your Saviour.He is just waiting for you to call on Him and to come into your life .You are loved and you were created to be loved and to love back .Jesus is real He is God’s Son and He came to earth to be your Saviour to be my Saviour don’t let another moment go by with asking Him into your life.He is the best friend you will ever have He will never leave you or forsake you.He will fill you with His Holy Spirit and live within your heart and He will guide you into righteousness .He will take your unrighteousness and give you His righteousness.He will take your turmoil and give you His peace .You are valuable I don’t care what you have done or not done God loves you and you are so valuable .Begin to read God’s Word start in the New Testament and find how much God loves .Ask God to forgive you for breaking His laws and leaving Him out of your life.Make a decision to live for Him and invite Him into your life and allow His Holy Spirit to come into your life and to guide you stop thinking about ending your life and start living it.We need you you are valuable don’t let anyone tell you are not valuable you are beautiful and you are loved by your Heavenly Father blessing Marlyen Torrie