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Letter writing campaign supporting conscience rights.

Dear Friends:

On February 4, 2020; Kelly Block MP introduced Bill C-230: The Protection of Freedom of Conscience Act.

Medical professionals, who refuse to participate in (MAiD) euthanasia or assisted suicide, are being required to refer their patients to a medical professional who will kill their patient.

Medical professionals who oppose MAiD need their conscience rights protected, not only for their sake, but for the sake of patients who want nothing to do with MAiD.

Sign the Petition to Kelly Block MP in support of Bill C-230 (Link).

Conscience rights have become more important after the passing of Bill C-7, last year, extending MAiD to people who are not terminally ill and people with mental illness.

Some medical professionals have moved to jurisdictions that protect conscience rights while others have retired from medicine, while others are saying that they would move to a jurisdiction that upholds conscience rights if they are forced to refer patients to death.

Doctors in Oregon, where assisted death has been legal for sometime, are not forced to refer their patients for an assisted death. Read: My personal story - The importance of trust between patient and doctor by an Oregon doctor.

We need you to write a letter about your concerns, fears or personal reaction to the attack on conscience rights for medical professionals.  
  • Are you concerned that you might be encouraged to die by assisted death when you are at a low time of your life?
  • Are you concerned that a friend or family member may die by assisted death, when they are at a low time of their life, even though they would normally not consider death by lethal dose?
  • Based on your health condition, do you fear subtle or overt pressure to assisted death?
  • Do you feel safer if your physician is not complicit with assisted death?
  • Do you believe that physicians conscience rights should be protected?
Other important points to consider:
  • Conscience rights for healthcare workers protect patients when they are living with depression and experiencing challenging health conditions.
  • Conscience rights provide health professionals with the legal and moral ability to provide caring options rather than killing their patient.
The letter needs to be simple and straight forward: 

(Sample Letter. Do not copy the sample letter it is only an example) 

To whom it may concern. 
I am concerned that with the extension of MAiD by Bill C-7 last year, that I may someday be subtly pressured to die a premature death. 
I need a physician who will not participate in MAiD, feel compelled to ask me if I want MAiD or refer me to my death when I am at a psychologically or emotionally low time of my life.
Please protect my right to have a physician who shares my values.
You must sign the letter with your addressyour phone number and your email address.

Mail or email your letter to your member of parliament  (List of Members of Parliament) or to your local newspaper.

Please send your letter to Kelly Block MP at:

If want the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition to publish your letter, send it to:

Links to excellent articles on conscience rights:
  1. Assisted suicide and conscience rights must be reconciled (Link).  
  2. Physicians should not be forced to make referrals for MAiD (Link). 
  3. Dr Leonie Herx: Without my conscience rights I cannot be a good physician for my patients (Link).
  4. Dr Ramona Coehlo speaks on conscience rights (Link).
  5. We are a nation of laws and conscience (Link).
Alex Schadenberg
Executive Director - Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

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