Friday, October 9, 2020

The Netherlands debates child euthanasia and "completed life."

Alex Schadenberg
Executive Director, Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

The Netherlands government is debating the expansion of their euthanasia law to include children (1 - 12 years) and people who are not sick or dying but believe that their life is "complete."

Once euthanasia becomes legal the laws seem to expand over time.

The NL Times reported that the Netherlands Coalition government is fighting over a proposal to extend the euthanasia law to include children. According to the NL Times:

The Rutte III cabinet is clashing over a plan to allow doctors to provide euthanasia for terminally ill children between the ages of 1 and 12 who are suffering unbearably. The D66 and VVD support this plan. But the Christian parties, ChristenUnie in particular, are vehemently opposed, AD reports.
The Netherlands euthanasia law permits euthanasia for children as young as 12, so long as the parents or guardians have consented and after the age of 16 the person can consent to euthanasia themselves. The NL Times reported:
According to AD, doctors are only allowed to give palliative sedation to children in this age group, or allow them to die by withholding nutrition, which can be a lengthy process.
Last year the government had a report drawn up to feel out support for euthanasia for terminally ill children. A large part of doctors, parents and a majority in parliament, including the VVD and D66, were in favor. The report also showed that there are a handful of cases per year of children suffering unbearably and hopelessly while they wait for their illness to take them.

Earlier this year, a bill to extend euthanasia in the Netherlands to people who are healthy, but "tired of living" was submitted by Pia Dykstra (D66 party). An article in the NL Times reported that: 

The legislative proposal allows people over the age of 75 who feel that they have come to the end of their life and have a persistent wish to die to ask for euthanasia.
Euthanasia laws seem to naturally expand over time. Once you allow killing for one reason, there becomes many reasons to kill. Canada is experiencing the same contagion as it debates Bill C-7, a bill to expand Canada's euthanasia law.


marwen said...

Euthanasia is against all of God's Ten Commandments and should not even be considered anywhere in the world! Al life is precious and should be considered by everyone as such. What, if your parents would have decided to kill you with abortion or try to talk you into committing suicide by so-called "euthanasia", which is the same thing as suicide! Stop giving satan, what he wants and give to God the lives, GOD created!

Eleni Phufas-Jousma said...

Thus humanity rushes toward oblivion. MAY GOD INTERVENE.