Sunday, July 5, 2020

Portugal euthanasia bill is unconstitutional

Alex Schadenberg
Executive Director, Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

In February I reported that Portuguese parliament may soon legalize doctors killing their patients by euthanasia. On February 20, the Portuguese Parliament voted on five proposals to legalize euthanasia. All of the proposals passed, even though two years ago, similar proposals were defeated.

The Portuguese government was preparing to propose a single bill until parliament dissolved due to the COVID-19 crisis. After parliament returned the government announced that they would resume the euthanasia debate.

Jorge Miranda
According to Génèthique news, the Portuguese Medical Association is not only against euthanasia but they informed the government that doctors will not be permitted to participate on the euthanasia commission (the commission to approve euthanasia). Meanwhile a group of 15 law professors, including Professor Jorge Miranda, known as the father of Portugal's Constitution, stated that the euthanasia bills are unconstitutional. At the same time, groups opposing euthanasia have collected more than 95,000 signatures calling for a referendum on euthanasia.

The Portugal government recently announced that the euthanasia debate will not resume until at least August.

The Portuguese government has been pushing to legalize euthanasia. Portugal needs to commit to improving care not approving killing.

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