Friday, April 24, 2020

The Covid-19 crisis has led to more cultural loneliness. Have you called your mom today?

Alex Schadenberg
Executive Director, Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

I have published several articles about the epidemic of loneliness and isolation and how it effects the physical and psychological health of people. Loneliness and isolation also leads to requests for assisted death.
A British study found that 22% of seniors, over the age of 65 will talk to only three or fewer people per week. A September 7, 2019 article in reported:
According to the survey of 1,896 seniors over 65 in the United Kingdom, more than one in five (22%) will have a conversation with no more than just three people over the span of an entire week! That translates to nearly 2.6 million elderly folks who don’t enjoy regular human contact on a daily basis. Perhaps most alarming though is researchers say an alarming 225,000 individuals will go a week without talking to anyone face-to-face.
We can reduce the scourge of suicide and the cultural abandonment associated with assisted death, by caring for and being with others at their time of need. It is essential that people who feel that their life lacks value or purpose, or feel that no one cares, is offered purpose, support and genuine hope from their significant community.

The Covid-19 crisis and social distancing has led to more loneliness and social isolation.

One answer is to call your friends and family. A call to your family and friends can make a difference. Some families are communicating by video over the internet. This is an excellent way to communicate with others.

Your call may be the only call that your mother receives today.


Elainetmom said...

Just read an email talking about the book 1984 and how the system used social isolation to maintain control. When people cannot talk and work together, community is lost and it's easy for government to take over.

Unknown said...

I am a senior living alone in a condo. We have been in isolation since the covid bug made its appearance in a dramatic way. I am alone but not lonely. I have a wonderful church family that keeps in touch and vice versa. What a friend I have in Jesus :) ALSO Zoom coffee hour once a week with my church family has been a wonderful way to connect. The sad reality is that many have stopped going to church and church related social functions where care and fellowship, love and laughter boosts ones personal happiness.