Thursday, March 26, 2020

Death doctors use Covid-19 crisis to permit "aid-in-dying" via telehealth.

Alex Schadenberg
Executive Director, Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

The assisted suicide lobby are actively promoting the approval of assisted suicide and euthanasia via telehealth. The death lobby are using the coronavirus to achieve two main goals, that being, allowing the approval of lethal prescriptions via telemedicine or telehealth and the expansion of assisted suicide to include euthanasia.

If allowed, a person could be prescribed lethal drugs for assisted suicide without ever being examined by a doctor.

According a committee of the newly formed American Clinicians Academy on Medical Aid in Dying, (death doctors) (chaired by Lonny Shavelson, a California doctor who only offers death) the coronavirus crisis requires allowing approvals by telehealth. The committee stated:

In light of the coronavirus crisis, a committee has been convened to establish recommendations pertaining to the use of telemedicine to evaluate patients’ requests to consider medical aid in dying. (See below for members of the policy committee.)

For the purposes of this policy statement, “telemedicine” and/or “telehealth” refers to a visual and verbal patient contact by electronic means, without an in-person visit. 
Long before the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, many established aid-in-dying clinicians used telemedicine visits to evaluate select aspects of terminally ill patients’ requests to consider medical aid in dying. Given the need to limit in-person contacts to decrease the speed of contagion of coronavirus, an increased use of telemedicine for select aspects of aid-in-dying evaluations and care is recommended.
The committee of death doctors concluded:
The Committee concludes that there is nothing inherent in an aid-in-dying request that prohibits or discourages the use of telemedicine.
The death doctors are using the coronavirus to achieve their goal and they have no intention of going back to examining patients, once the coronavirus crisis passes. 

It is important to recognize the language used by the death doctors. "Medical Aid in Dying" (MAiD) is a term that is used by the death lobby for euthanasia and assisted suicide. The American death lobby are trying to extend assisted suicide legislation to include euthanasia or lethal injection. Most new assisted suicide bills are not what they appear to be.

Recently I reported that another death lobby group was using the coronavirus to promote assisted suicide via telehealth.

This is not a new plan. The 2019 New Mexico assisted suicide bill included a telehealth provision and a recent bill to expand assisted suicide in Hawaii includes a telehealth provision.
State regulators should not take this group seriously. These are death doctors promoting more death. In the case of Shavelson, he does not provide medical treatment only death.


Thomas Pratt said...

Any doctor or health care worker who agrees to actively participate in the midst of a patient needs to face a seventh five years prison term without the possibility of parole ever! Any politician that supports this criminal behaviour needs to face criminal prosecutions for crimes against humanity and face a minimum of 100 years at hard labor with out the possibility of parole ever!

Corrina Conlan said...

Medical staff lie right to your face. They lied saying my mom couldn't swallow- little did they know that I have a husband with a REAL swallowing problem. They tell this to unsuspecting people so they can starve the elderly to DEATH!!!!

Corrina Conlan said...


Unknown said...

Agreed definitely

BB said...

I don't believe any doctor should administer death, but if they do they should also have to be a doctor who administers life giving medicine. In other words, a doctor is not a doctor if he only administers death. He has no ability left to give life so he is now just a death doctor. He has no incentive to help the patient and he has no view of life anymore. He has given away his soul. There should be regulations that a doctor would lose his license if more than .002 % of his patients are assisted death or euthanized. I'm just throwing a number out there for an example but a doctor has to be able to save lives first and foremost. But I believe no doctor should should cause death because of their oath and because our Father in Heaven says so.

Thank you for your efforts in saving lives and helping the handicapped. This work is so important.

Alex Schadenberg said...

If society is going to continue killing people by euthanasia, which I will always oppose, then it should not be done by doctors or nurses. There should never be a confusion between the healer and the killer.