Saturday, February 29, 2020

Rally in Support of the Delta Hospice Society - April 4, 2020

Petition: Hospice organizations must NOT be forced to do euthanasia (Link).

The rally in support of the Delta Hospice has been postponed.

BC Health Minister, Adrian Dix, ordered the Delta Hospice Society to provide euthanasia (MAID) by February 3 or lose its government funding (Link).

The Delta Hospice Society refuses to kill their patients.

Join the Rally to Support The Delta Hospice Society.

Link to the Rally Poster (Link).

Saturday April 4, 2020
(12 Noon - 2 pm)
At the BC Parliament Buildings (Legislative Assembly) Victoria BC

Speakers include:
Tamara Jansen MP Cloverdale - Langley city.
Angelina Ireland,  President of the Delta Hospice Society
Alex Schadenberg,  Executive Director, Euthanasia Prevention Coalition
Dr Margaret Cottle, Palliative Care Physician
Dr Will Johnston, Family Physician, Chair of EPC - BC.

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Ron Panzer, Pres., Hospice Patients Alliance said...

So, we'll soon see if the Canadian government respects freedom of individuals to live according to their Judeo-Christian values, or if it will force nurses and doctors to kill as the Nazis did to the ailing, mentally-ill, and "unwanted."

Is the Canadian government tyrannical or will the rights of healthcare professionals to follow their conscience be respected? If not, then the Canadian government will reveal itself to be aligned with the culture of death and the evils that come with that.

Authentic hospice care settings never allow intended killings, they are life-affirming and relieve suffering so long as the patient continues to live.

Jackie said...

We must all continue to pray and to fight this culture of death being fostered and legislated by our government. It is a very slippery slope that could lead to killing without the consent of those who are ill or elderly to free up hospital or long term care beds. This is all pure evil.

Corrina Conlan said...

They murdered my mother at CHILLIWACK hospital after being sent there. I never wanted her to go to CHILLIWACK hospital because I heard reports that they were killing people. They were all true.

Corrina Conlan said...

Agreed- we are Christians and they ignored everything. We prayed for my mom and she was healed but they kept sneaking lethal injections while they changed her killing her. This is murder. I don't sugar coat it calling it euthanasia.

Voice of Gone Ballistic said...
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