Sunday, January 19, 2020

Three Belgium doctors will go on trial in the euthanasia death of a woman diagnosed as Autistic.

Alex Schadenberg
Executive Director, Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

Tine Nys's sisters, Sophie and Lotte
The trial of three Belgian doctors who participated in the euthanasia death of Tine Nys on April 27, 2010 will begin on Tuesday, January 21 in Ghent. A BBC news article reported

Nys's family argue that her reason for seeking to end her life was because of a failed relationship, far short of the "serious and incurable disorder" as required under Belgian law. 
The three doctors from East Flanders who are going on trial have not been named, but they include the doctor who carried out the lethal injection and Nys's former doctor and a psychiatrist.
Tine Nys (center)
The Associated Press (AP) article from November 2018 provides more information about the charges. The AP article states that Nys (38) had been diagnosed as having a form of Autism known as Asperger's.

A International Business Times article reported in November 2018 that the family believes that Tine was falsely diagnosed as Autistic so that she would qualify for euthanasia. The family claimed that the law was broken because Tine never received treatment. The IBTimes reported:

Her sisters, however, told investigators that her suffering was caused by a broken heart after a failed relationship and not by autism. They also accused the doctors of making a rushed decision. They said the law was broken because Nys was never treated for autism and hence it had not been proven that she was suffering “unbearably and incurably.”
Dr Lieve Thienpont
The AP article reported that Psychiatrist, Lieve Thienpont, who had approved the death, had tried to prevent thee case from being prosecuted and reportedly stated:

“We must try to stop these people,” 
“It is a seriously dysfunctional, wounded, traumatized family with very little empathy and respect for others,”
Thienpont has been criticized for her handling of other psychiatric euthanasia cases.

It is positive that Belgium is prosecuting this case. I hope that this case is treated as a criminal case rather than using this case to establish a precedent for future euthanasia deaths for psychological suffering.

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Donna Nelson said...

This is absolutely outrageous. God help us all and please help these three doctors to be prosecuted. May the fear of the Lord fall upon them and may they turn before they burn!!! Lord we repent for the blood that covers the nations and for the lives that have been lost and abused. Lord for great conviction to come up families and the medical workers. Please forgive the church for not standing up sooner. Thank you Alex for standing up and working so hard to solve this hideous murdering of humans! People who believe in evolution and who do not believe in our Lord and Savior can commit murder easily because their conscience is seared. So we humble ourselves from all pride and pray and LOVE!
Donna Nelson