Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Euthanasia for "completed Life" to be debated in the Dutch parliament.

Alex Schadenberg
Executive Director, Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

The is reporting that the Liberal Democratic Party will be introducing legislation to extend euthanasia to people who are not sick or dying, but who state that their life is complete.

The Dutchnews article quotes recent polling that suggests that 55% of those polled in the Netherlands supported euthanasia for people who are "tired of living" while 33% opposed the measure.

The Dutchnews article explains that new legislation will be introduced next year.

The Liberal democratic party is drawing up its own legislation which would make it possible for the over-75s who consider their life is at an end to be helped to die and aims to present the measure to parliament early next year.
It is interesting that the Liberal Democratic Party is basing the "completed life" on age 75. What makes 75 a death age?

Last month I reported that a Belgian politician is also planning to introduce legislation to expand euthanasia for reasons of the "completed life."

There is no definition for "completed life" which means this type of legislation is designed to abandon people with suicidal ideation to death lethal drugs.


Village Girl said...

This is very dangerous legislation. Why is 75 chosen as the time when life expectancy is well over 75 for women and women generally are healthier than men. What actually does"completed life" mean? I think it means saving money on providing any care for elderly people once they are considered unproductive either by producing children , caring for others, work or anything that will earn money. Modern economies do not want to put money into the increasing number of elderly. The notion of caring for your parents in their old age has gone in Western cultures, which are rapidly becoming death and greed cultures. I think it is time for the fit and vocal elderly to start speaking out and becoming a powerful lobby group before it is too late.
This legislation is no better than Hitler's selection regime.

H. said...

Most likely this is tied to the major crisis they have with the pension plan. Freer seniors is cost savings. Sad development, but I have been saying this as this was clearly expected.