Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Vote NO to the fatally flawed assisted suicide bills.

To whom it may concern:

Alex Schadenberg
As the Executive Director of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition, I am well aware that you are receiving information supporting and opposing the assisted suicide bill. As an elected representative your role is crucial, especially when considering issues such as assisted death.

Before voting on the legislation I ask you to watch the these film clips that are part of the Fatal Flaws film that was released last year. This film features personal stories and interviews with doctors, legislators, and individuals who have direct life experience with assisted death.

The following stories are compelling:

Dr. Charles Bentz, Internal Medicine Specialist in Oregon had a depressed patient who died by assisted suicide rather than receiving treatment for depression. (Link to the story).

Dr. Kenneth R. Stevens is a Radiation Oncologist in Oregon who had a patient, Jeannette Hall, who asked for assisted suicide. Dr Stevens helped her find a reason to live and 19 years later she is grateful to be alive (Link to the story).

Nancy Elliott is a former three term New Hampshire State Representative who began to actively oppose assisted suicide based on her personal experience when her husband was sick (Link to the story).

Candice Lewis (25) from Newfoundland, Canada, was born with multiple disabilities. Candice was pressured by her doctor in 2016 to ask for an assisted suicide death (Link to the story).

This is the link to the Fatal Flaws film trailer. (Link).

You may support assisted suicide in theory. In reality assisted suicide laws give doctors the right to be involed with causing the death of their patients when the patient is at the lowest time of their life.

Vote NO to assisted suicide.

Alex Schadenberg
Executive Director – Euthanasia Prevention Coalition
info@epcc.ca or 1-877-439-3348


Nancy said...

Excellent work, Alex! Thank you so much for your great blessings!Thou Shall Not Kill People!!!

Irene said...

Terrific letter and links. I can use it "as is" whenever I want to send it to our legislators, just changing the opening to put my name in.

Edi said...

Doctors should saves lifes,not sacrifies people to save a money for a health insurance or clinic. These doctors could be someday victims on they own. Aktion T 4

Anonymous said...

Legistrators.To those in favour of 'Assisted suicide
'The medical profession takes a vow to preserve life and allowing or fostering suicide or assisted suicide is a crime against Humanity. What you have to remember it is people with physical or mental ailments you are targeting today but it may well be YOUR turn when you are a bit older and are 'a bit of a nuisance to society 'etc then you will not be so keen to be 'put to sleep' as it were. Maybe it will just be people with Blue eyes or short people or fat people but that is the road these idiots are going on.

God Bless all you who fight this nonsense!!!

ALHS said...


Sylvia said...

Thank you Alex and God bless you in your work. When the topic is brought us with friends I ask, "Would you agree to assisted suicide if it was your Mother?" It stops them dead! What happened to "Do no harm?"