Wednesday, February 13, 2019

The Dutch Medical Association resigns from the World Medical Association based on euthanasia position.

This article was published in the Psychiatric Times on February 12, 2019.

By Dr Mark Komrad

Dr Mark Komrad
In October I wrote about the resignation of the Canadian Medical Association from the World Medical Association (WMA). As noted in that article, the resignation was ostensibly over Canada's concern regarding the inaugural speech of the new WMA President, which they claimed contained some plagiarism. The President subsequently apologized to the satisfaction of most of the membership. In fact however, Canada’s resignation followed right after the WMA did not move ahead with Canada’s request that the WMA soften its strong ethical stance against euthanasia and assisted suicide, as is being practiced in Canada.

*Why euthanasia is unethical (Link).
The Royal Dutch Medical Association also resigned from the WMA two months later, citing the Presidential incident as their reason for withdrawal. As one of the countries in the world most active in medical euthanasia (including psychiatric euthanasia), they too have been in opposition to the WMA’s strong stance against euthanasia, and wish it changed. Many understand that their reasons for resigning are similarly a transparent cover for their opposition to the WMA’s position.

Perhaps the resignation of Canada and the Netherlands will lessen the pressure on the WMA to change its powerful and laudable position. It remains to see what Belgium is going to do. Perhaps these countries will establish a new organization—The World Medical Euthanizing Association?

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jimmywalter said...

There is a whole spectrum of excuses/reasons for euthanasia. The Dutch have taken it too far, allowing a 13 year old girl to kill herself because of PTSD and a 45 year old alcoholic who had given up quitting. I do not know what your position is on or if you have even heard of Traumatic Incident Reduction (TIR), but it cures PTSD - documented. This would take away that excuse and save 13 year old girls and 50 year old alcoholics from senseless deaths.
I know a top speaker, trainer and clinician in TIR, Dr Robert Moore of Clearwater, Florida. Would you have a paid forum at which you would like him to speak? He always gets rave reviews from his participants,

Organization with which he works:
If you have an interest, contact me and I will put you in touch with him. Or do it through his organization.