Friday, May 4, 2018

Scientist (104 year-old) assisted suicide death campaign.

This article was published by OneNewsNow on May 4, 2018

A death request from an Australian scientist may have the potential of setting a dangerous legal precedent.

Renowned scientist David Goodall does not have a terminal illness, but he is traveling to Switzerland, where he is scheduled to be euthanized.

At 104 years old, Goodall contends that he is just tired of living.

Alex Schadenberg
Alex Schadenberg of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition told OneNewsNow that Goodall is being used by certain leftist interest groups to promote euthanasia and assisted suicide.

“And it's similar to what we experienced here in Canada before they legalized [euthanasia], where we were constantly inundated by different stories – different reasons why we should legalize euthanasia,” Schadenberg shared. “And if you consider the multiplicity of these types of stories, it wears down the resistance to the concept of doctors killing their patients.”
Schadenberg noted that, there has apparently been no effort to provide Goodall what he really needs – which includes loving people being part of his life – not a date with death.
“They've raised thousands and thousands of dollars now to send this guy to Switzerland – for lethal drugs,” he asserted. “To me, this is a real abandonment of a guy who is feeling that his life has lost [its] purpose, and maybe he's tired of living, but you know there are lots of people who feel that their life has lost purpose and they're tired of living. Should we now start a fundraising campaign for all of them to go to Switzerland?”
Schadenberg said that this is the next step in the whole euthanasia-assisted suicide saga – the tired of living debate – which is now actually called “freedom to choose, autonomy.”

Critics argue that what is really needed is a caring culture – rather than railroading and luring people toward a doomed fate with lethal drugs.

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