Wednesday, December 13, 2017

CBC airs propaganda programs promoting assisted death

Alex Schadenberg
Executive Director - Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

Sign the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition petition: Tell CBC to stop producing one-sided propaganda programs on assisted death (Link).

CBC is once again promoting euthanasia.

CBC radio's The Current aired the propaganda program "Will Pegg will die an assisted death. He couldn't feel more alive" on December 11 and CBC News aired the propaganda program "Parkinson's patient forced to battle bureaucracy around assisted death" on December 12.

The CBC radio program focuses on Will Pegg, who has bone cancer. This program normalizes euthanasia and details the assisted death process.

The CBC News program focuses on Nancy Vickers, who has Parkinson's. This television mini documentary is normalizing and promoting the extension of euthanasia to people who are not terminally ill and also airs the assisted death process.

The CBC Corporation, a Canadian federal Crown corporation, receives more than $1 billion in federal government funding.

The Euthanasia Prevention Coalition (EPC) is concerned about the suicide contagion effect related to these recent CBC propaganda programs and their one-sided promotion of euthanasia.

Last year, the World Health Organization (WHO) updated their guide: Preventing suicide: a resource for media professionals. The summary of the WHO guide states:
  • Don't place stories about suicide prominently and do not unduly repeat such stories,
  • Don't use language which sensationalizes or normalizes suicide, or presents it as a constructive solution to problems,
  • Don't explicitly describe the method used,
  • Don't provide details about the site/location,
  • Don't sensationalize headlines,
  • Don't use photographs, video footage or social media links.
These CBC media programs have broken nearly all of these guidelines.

Airing The Euthanasia Deception documentary will enable CBC to offer both sides of the debate.

Kevin Dunn, Director of The Euthanasia Deception and Fatal Flaws, responded to the CBC News program with this article: CBC Cameras roll as doctor gives lethal injection to patient.

Sign the petition: Tell CBC to stop producing one-sided propaganda programs on assisted death (Link).


Unknown said...

The idea that Doctors in this country can now legally kill their patients, a fact promulgated without criticism, or evaluation, regarded as normal and regular, by the CBC
is frightening.

The public network is actively engaged in spreading a culture of death. This is widespread throughout the network, and is presented as humane and kindly. Nothing is mentioned of the money saved for the government, or the social turmoil that results from this action.

Today (Dec 14) it became known that numerous doctors in Quebec have refused to euthanize their patients. The reason vary; but the point remains.

Michael Meagher


Freela said...

I stopped watching the cbc years ago. none of their so-called documentaries are in any way objective, they all have an aGENDA.

Anonymous said...

Excellent referencing to the suicide prevention of the WHO A major concern with the marketing of Euthanasia. Thank you!!

Natalie Diduch said...

I complained to the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council about the TV series 'Mary Kills People' for this same reason. My complaint was reviewed but did not go further to the adjudication panel. I was informed that no standards were violated and did not agree with my opinion that even the title of this series was sensationalizing euthanasia.

Joseph S. Lourdudamy said...

CBC stop producing and broadcasting one-sided views on Doctor-Assisted death if you want to be fair and just.

Ruth Enns said...

Not only has the CBC ignored all of the WHO guidelines, it has also repeatedly ignored standards of good journalism with its biased, one-sided coverage of euthanasia dating back to before and including the Latimer case. The petition should remind the CBC that good journalism requires presenting more than one point of view EVERY TIME this topic arises, not only once or twice. A token gesture here and there may appear to be fair but it is really just a thin veneer, glossing over the ugly bias underneath.

Mary said...

Can't download petition.

Unknown said...

The wedge is getting thicker!

Sandi said...

Interstingly, when I go to sign the petition it says, "site not found." This has happened before! Sandi

Pat Bowie said...

CBC, please stop producing and airing programs that are strongly biased and one-sided about Doctor-Assisted death, on radio as well as TV. As a long-time CBC listener/viewer, I feel that CBC shows this more and more as a new "rights" cause, a new norm, and has taken on an advocacy role - not journalism - rather than giving more attention to the need for more care, including palliative, for our elderly and others in need.