Sunday, June 11, 2017

Euthanasia Abandons Despairing People

The article was written by Wesley Smith and published by the National Review online on June 11, 2017

Wesley Smith
By Wesley Smith

A UK actress has announced she is seriously pondering euthanasia due to fears of being a “burden” when she can no longer care of herself. From the Manchester Evening News story

Actress Claire King had revealed that she is considering euthanasia after being diagnosed with a degenerative disease. Claire, who plays Erica Holroyd in Corrie, suffers from rheumatoid arthritis, an autoimmune disease where the body’s own immune system attacks the joints.  
The 54-year-old actress developed rheumatoid arthritis in the early 90s and she has had joints removed and plates put in her fingers as a result of the condition. Former Emmerdale star Claire, who is divorced and has no children, worries about “becoming a burden” when she gets older and understands why people consider assisted dying.  
Speaking with the Sunday Mirror she said: “I can understand why people choose assisted dying – and it’s getting to the point where I would consider it myself. I’m not going to be hurting any offspring as I haven’t got any. “Most of my family will be gone. It’s not a selfish thing. It’s a decision at a certain age, when you’re becoming a burden to others.” 
We can all empathize with those fears. But note: King’s desire to die has to do with existential anguish, not unbearable pain, which is euthanasia’s selling point. 

Studies from Oregon and Canada show that the request to die is overwhelmingly caused by such anguish. But here’s the thing: Such despair can often be alleviated with appropriate mental health and sociological interventions. 

But in our rush to honor lethal “choice,” we often deny people the very help that could restore their desire to live. 

Worse, when we say, “Of course you want to die, here are your poison pills or lethal jab”–we confirm the despairing person’s worst fears about themselves. In essence, we are telling them: Yes, you are a burden. Yes, your life isn’t worth living. Yes, we are better off if you are dead. 

Euthanasia is many things, but true compassion–which means to “suffer with”–isn’t one of them.

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Unknown said...

Euthanasia is nothing else but murder.Woe to those who dare justify themselves or others to take life , because no one and i mean no one has the right to take a life be it your own or others.Life was created by God who is the real creator and only God therefore has the right to take it.You must not listen to the evil one as he does not want you to go to heaven.You see satan the demon hates humans because God loves them and since he cannot ever overthrow God which is his main purpose :he then revenges himself upon the children of God by suggesting to them to kill themselves.little do this poor misguided suckers know that their suffering will not end with death but in fact will intensify after death as they will be thrown in the fires of hell where the demons will tear their souls apart non stop .And they will also suffer the ultimatum pain which is the separation from God a pain that leads to hate and self disgust.I know that in today''s world many mock the idea of God's existence for it is better not to believe because in you pea wee brain you believe that by not believing :You can escape punishment .How deluded can you be ? we are God's creation and we belong to Him .Now we were given free will therefore as much as it hurts our Heavenly Father to lose the child that He loves so much He will not force it upon on us .We do the choosing but you all must remember that there is only 2 places you can end up Heaven or hell there is no other place so you choose but be sure to choose wise as it is going to be for all eternity.I should also mention that the biggest triumph of Satan was to make humans believe that he does not exist because if the devil does not exist : humans will believe that God does not exist also.I caution my brothers and sisters .God does exist and He is immortal therefore no one can kill Him .God loves you; so choose life! and for the love of God .Stop listening to the demons who are your true enemies.