Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Killing by lethal injection. A psychological torment.

This article was published by Living With Dignity Quebec on April 18, 2017.

Who said that medical aid in dying is not killing? When one uses the right words, logic and common sense do the rest:
Medical aid in dying = lethal injection = euthanasia = killing = psychological torment for executioners & psychological torment for doctors.

Killing (medical aid in dying / euthanasia / assisted suicide) is not a health care.

"Unlike the “kill or be killed” mindset in war or other forms of self-defense, carrying out executions felt very much like participating in premeditated and rehearsed murder. Either from religious training (“thou shall not kill”) or established societal norms, every person knows that taking a human life is one of our culture’s most serious offenses. It exacts severe mental trauma - even when done under the auspices of state law." (Link)
Dr. Ault, former commissioner of the Georgia, Mississippi and Colorado Departments of Corrections.

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