Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Ohio Governor signs bill making assisted suicide a felony.

Alex Schadenberg
Executive Director - Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

Ohio Governor Kasich
Great news: Yesterday, Ohio Governor Kasich signed Bill HB 470 making Ohio the fifth state in the past few years to strengthen protections in law from assisted suicide, a bill that makes assisted suicide a felony.

EPC-USA was very pleased with the outcome of the bill, even though our advisory role was small.

The Ohio Senate passed HB 470, nearly unanimously, on Thursday December 8. HB 470 passed in the Ohio House last May by a vote of 92 - 5.

Jeremy Pelzer, reported for Cleveland.com  on November 7 before the vote:

House Bill 470 ... would make knowingly assisting in a suicide a third-degree felony in Ohio, punishable by up to five years in prison. 
Currently, Ohio law only permits a court to issue an injunction against anyone helping other people to kill themselves. 
If the Senate passes the bill on Thursday - expected to be the last day of the legislative session - it would head to Gov. John Kasich for his signature. The measure passed the Ohio House 92-5 last May. 
State Sen. Bill Seitz, the Cincinnati Republican who authored HB 470, said the legislation mirrors Michigan's 1998 ban on assisted suicide, which was passed in response to Dr. Jack Kevorkian's well-publicized campaign.
In the past few years Georgia, Idaho, Louisiana, and Arizona have passed bills to strengthen protection from assisted suicide.

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mphipps said...

Unless and until the autograph of Gov. Kasich is placed on this act, it is NOT yet law. Hence the need to continue the work with the Governor's office until he does. Also with the Heartbeat Act and the Pain Capable Act. We can celebrate for a time, when he does, but then it'll be back to paying attention to the 3 politically connected attorneys in black dresses at the 6th Circus Court of Appeals in Cincinnati and eventually the 9 at SCOTUS, until God's law trumps man's law as it should.