Tuesday, May 3, 2016

EPC needs you to contact Members of Parliament.

The House of Commons Committee on Justice and Human Rights will be hearing interventions concerning Bill C-14, the bill that will legalize and “regulate” euthanasia and assisted suicide in Canada.

Several MP's have said that they are receiving more communication from members of the euthanasia lobby than from our supporters. 

EPC urges you to contact members of the House of Commons Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights with your concerns about Bill C-14.

EPC also urges you to contact the members of the Senate Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs.

Resources information:
Link to the article on Bill C-14 by Alex Schadenberg.
Link to the article on Bill C-14 by the Physicians Alliance Against Euthanasia.
Link to the article on Bill C-14 by Dr Will Johnston (EPC - BC).
Link to the article on Bill C-14 by Charles Lewis.
Link to the article on Bill C-14 by Andrew Coyne.
Link to the article on Bill C-14 by Amy Hasbrouck (Toujours Vivant - Not Dead Yet).

Contact information for Committee members:

Committee Chair: Anthony Housefather (Lib) - Anthony.Housefather@parl.gc.ca

Committee Vice Chair: Ted Falk (CPC) - Ted.Falk@parl.gc.ca

Committee Vice Chair: Murray Rankin (NDP) - Murray.Rankin@parl.gc.ca

Committee Member: Chris Bittle (Lib) - Chris.Bittle@parl.gc.ca

Committee Member: Michael Cooper (CPC) - Michael.Cooper@parl.gc.ca

Committee Member: Colin Fraser (Lib) - Colin.Fraser@parl.gc.ca

Committee Member: Ahmed Hussen (Lib) - Ahmed.Hussen@parl.gc.ca

Committee Member: Iqra Khalid (Lib) - Iqra.Khalid@parl.gc.ca

Committee Member: Ron McKinnon (Lib) - Ron.McKinnon@parl.gc.ca

Committee Member: Hon. Rob Nicholson (CPC) - rob.nicholson@parl.gc.ca

EPC also encourages you to send letters to your Members of Parliament. Link to contact your Member of Parliament.

You can mail letters to Members of Parliament (Postage Free) by sending letters to:

(Name) Member of Parliament
House of Commons
Ottawa Ontario K1A 0A6

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