Sunday, April 10, 2016

CARP assisted dying poll results may be skewed.

Alex Schadenberg
Executive Director, Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

The Canadian Association of Retired Persons (CARP) may have skewed the results of their assisted dying poll. 

As a CARP member, I was sent a link to the "assisted dying" poll on March 3. Even though CARP claimed that it was a "members poll", the link to the poll could be accessed by anyone. After answering the poll questions I was shocked by the radically pro-euthanasia results.

Late that evening, I checked the poll results and noticed that there were already more than 5000 responses with the results remaining unbelievably one-sided.

Susan Eng
On January 27, Moses Znaimer, the President & CEO of CARP, fired Susan Eng, the CARP executive VP, based on her neutral stand on assisted dying and Znaimer replaced Eng with Wanda Morris, the CEO of Dying With Dignity, a euthanasia lobby group.

Considering the recent official poll results 
as compared to the Nanos poll and the Angus Reid Institute Survey, my assertion seems likely.

According to the CARP poll 80% stated that publicly funded health care institutions, including hospices and long-term care homes should participate in assisted dying. The Angus Reid Institute Survey found that 68% oppose forcing religiously affiliated hospitals to participate and 62% oppose forcing nursing homes to participate.

According to the CARP poll 85% stated that waiting periods should be flexible, while the Angus Reid Institute survey found that 88% support waiting periods.

According to the CARP poll 87% stated that a doctor must refer a patient for an assisted death, while the Nanos poll found that 75% support doctors having the right to opt-out from participating in assisted death.

Since the CARP poll could be done by anyone (even though it claimed to be a members survey) and the Angus Reid survey and the Nanos poll were scientifically done based on representative samples, it seems likely that the CARP poll was intentionally skewed.


Anthony Rader said...

I unsubscribed from CARP after reading the results and told them why. I said that the press should not be involved with propagandizing the general public, but instead has a responsibility to report facts. This whole euthanasia thing typifies a media that is bereft of its own ethics. The more people that refuse their service the harder it will become to get the advertising they need to survive. CARP feels it represents the zoomer generation. Heaven help us.

Anthony Rader

Deacon Doug said...

Moses Znaimer should be embarrassed at having hired Wanda Morris in the first place. I joined CARP to find out about seniors problems solutions and what was available as and advocacy group for seniors. As far as I know they did not advocate suicide at that time.

To have the CARP survey diametrically opposed to the Angus Reid and the Nanos polls smells of misrepresentation.

I, too, did the survey and all the questions were stated in such a way that any answer leaned towards agreement with physical assisted suicide. I do not recall one question that asked if you are in favour of it or not.

I cancelled my subscription to CARP.

Assisted suicide is out and out murder without any over-sight what so ever and making doctors participate is nothing but dictatorial.

Keep up the good work of advocating life. Death is not the answer. Increased palliative and better pain management is.

New Catholic said...

I as well cancelled my CARP membership because of their views on this and a number of other topics. I wouldn't put it past Moses Znaimer to slant this to match his agenda, quite obvious by the hiring of Morris!!