Monday, March 21, 2016

Canada: Caring Not Killing Letter writing campaign

The Euthanasia Prevention Coalition (EPC) launched the Caring Not Killing postcard campaign to members of parliament a few weeks ago. It is important to contact elected representatives to state your opposition to euthanasia, assisted suicide and the pro-euthanasia recommendations from the report of the Special Joint Committee on Physician-Assisted Dying and the report of the Provincial Territorial Expert Advisory Group on Physician-Assisted Dying.

The Caring Not Killing postcard campaign is an easy way to activate people to contact elected representatives, but letter-writing is a more effective way to get the attention of your political leaders. Order the Caring Not Killing postcards from EPC for free.

To write an effective letter - keep your letter short and use only one or two talking points

Links to information on topics related to euthanasia and assisted suicide:
1. A Personal story, 2. Elder Abuse, 3. Euthanasia: The theory and the reality, 4. Medical Error, 5. Euthanasia/Disability rights, 6. Euthanasia/Palliative care, 7. Euthanasia/Belgium, 8.Euthanasia for psychiatric reasons, 9. Assisted Suicide USA, 10. Abuse of euthanasia laws, 11. Conscience rights for healthcare professionals.

Send you letter to your member of parliament or to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould, Health Minister Jane Philipott. Member of Parliament contact information.

Letters to federal politicians can be sent without postage. Send your letter to:
Name: .................
House of Commons or Chambre des communes
Ottawa Ontario K1A 0A6

You should also send the letter to your provincial/territorial political representative.

You should adjust your letter and then send your letter to the editor of your local or national newspaper. 

Contact information for letters to the editor:
The Globe and Mail:
The Gazette:
Le Journal de Montréal:
La Presse:
Le Soleil:
Le Journal de Québec:
Le Devoir:
Journal Metro:
Halifax Chronicle Herald:
Ottawa Citizen:
Toronto Star:
Toronto Sun:
Hamilton Spectator:
London Free Press:
Winnipeg Free Press:
Calgary Herald:
Edmonton Journal:
Vancouver Sun:
Vancouver Province:
Victoria Times Colonist:

National Post:,


susan said...

THOU SHALT NOT KILL, SAYS GOD! We should not be discussing this. This should already be a policy to end discussion. THOU SHALT NOT KILL. Exodus 20.

Unknown said...

Well said Susan,Let us look after the living better and the unborn!

Unknown said...

Yes thou shalt not kill .But further one cannot take what one cannot given .Life was created by God therefore only God has the right to take it .When was the government of Canada or any of its judges elected God? woe to you who want to take your lives or destroy others life for it would have been better for you never to be born.MASTER JESUS IS STILL ON THE THRONE!!!

Naden Hewko said...

Life is a gift. We have no moral right to take the life of others or our own.
Suffering is part of being a human and there are medications to control pain.
Giving permission and making it legal to euthanize another person or to assist a person in committing suicide, may be lawful but it is not moral.

Unknown said...

I agree completely with Susan. No need for further discussion if you are a believer. BobF

Janice said...

Our Church composed a standard letter with the information from the EPC postcards. We have made 150 copies of the letter for anyone to sign and so far we have over 120 letters signed.

We will be submitting them to our local MP and a cc to our MPP.

Thank you EPC for your endless energy and devotion to saving lives.

Francois said...

I consider the last days spent with my mother as she lived out her life after her final stroke a blessing. I saw her caregivers gift to us as they lovingly poured out affection day after day. No one would have considered euthanasia for mom because she was aware of everyone who walked into her room while palliative care was administered. When did suicide become the product of a stable mind? And how does assistance in suicide become a better alternative to palliative care? In any circumstance where a human life is taken forcefully, that must be considered a criminal act and no amount of reasoning can change that. I have witnessed the gift that living with suffering brings to those who chose to be caregivers. We are not the authors of life and we therefore cannot re-write the end of life. To anyone who agrees with the euthanasia bill, consider that one day someone will decide whether you live or die. This bill places an entire population on death row.
Can a sane person live comfortably with making the decision to kill another human being. My reasoning tells me emphatically "NO". As a civilized society we cannot alow euthanasia to be a viable alternative to palliative care.
To those who will be entrusted with the future of this decision I implore you to search your God conscience and defeat this bill because your life and your sanity depend on it.
Francois Thebeau