Monday, February 22, 2016

Interview with Alex Schadenberg was banned by Youtube.

Alex Schadenberg
By Alex Schadenberg
Executive Director and International Chair
Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

On Thursday, February 18, 2016; I was interviewed by Vicki Travis of Tropic Wave Radio. This was my first interview with Vicki Travis.

The audio of the interview is online here: (Link).

Within two hours of posting the interview on YouTube, the interview was banned by YouTube.

Consider donating to the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition (Link).

The message from YouTube stated:

The YouTube community flagged one or more of your videos as inappropriate. After reviewing the content, we’ve determined that the videos violate our Community Guidelines. As a result, we removed the following videos from YouTube:

Schadenberg 1 VickieTravis

Please note that this removal has not resulted in a strike.

- The YouTube Team
Therefore YouTube claims that the interview violates their Community Guidelines (Link). 

After listening to the interview, I cannot understand how the interview violated the Community Guidelines. 

Is the assisted suicide lobby trying to silence opposition?

Watch Alex Schadenberg on February 4, present to the Southern Alberta Council of Public Affairs (Link).

Further information on assisted suicide in the USA:


Jule Koch said...

This is sickening
You Tube allows any amount of obscene content that clearly violates their supposed "Community Guidelines". Well, good is called evil and evil is called good a lot these days.

Miriam said...

Can you please post a working link to this? The listen again feature on the radio website seems not to play and I couldn't see the Vimeo link. God bless!

Cheryl Ernst said...

Unfortunately, it's probably because of the word "evil". Right at the beginning, the interviewer referred to people who support euthanasia and assisted suicide as evil, which in the Canadian understanding of hate speech, would expose that whole group to hatred.

It's difficult to be understanding and open to hearing other people's views, even when you don't agree with them, but vilifying the other side is what makes people not want to listen to our side.

Maria said...

Absolutely shocking Alex - proves that our voices are being silenced deliberately!

Time to wake up and fight back!

Karen Yantha said...

Good interview. She really gave you good latitude in your commenting.

One of my thoughts for why there's such a big push for assisted suicide just now is because this generation feels they want control of their own lives on their own timeline. However, some of them, once given that "right", then settle down and choose not to exercise it. They feel comfortable just knowing they have "control".

Servant of יהוה said...

Can you please post the video on Vimeo, and send me the link?

Mary HH said...

Whaaaat? This is a real puzzle to me... and maybe the call should be to stop watching YouTube for a while?

Doctors From Hell said...

EPC blocks truth about catholic involement in murdering patients.
google talkPlatelets for the truth

Alex Schadenberg said...

If EPC blocked the truth about Catholic hospitals involvement in acts that amount to euthanasia, then I wouldn't publish your comments.