Monday, September 14, 2015

Proponents of assisted suicide have lost in Great Britain

Alex Schadenberg
Originally published by on September 14 by OneNewsNow.
The vote was 330-118 against the bill to permit doctors to help some dying patients terminate their lives. Alex Schadenberg of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition tells OneNewsNow that the negative outcome represents an absolute majority of Members of Parliament – and he credits that outcome to two groups: Not Dead Yet, a UK-based disability rights group, and the Care Not Killing Alliance.
"They worked together to effectively accomplish this – and they did so by working with average people," he explains. "There wasn't big money involved in this. They worked with average people to defeat this very dangerous bill."
Liz Carr
Despite the bill's defeat in Parliament, Schadenberg believes supporters could still try to legalize it through the courts, as was the case in Canada.

"They've already tried the way of going to the courts," he shares, "but they might try again with another way of going. So basically speaking, the other side is absolutely committed to being involved with causing people's deaths." 
"I call them the suicide lobby or the euthanasia lobby because they're not about providing choices," he adds. "They're about giving doctors the right in law to cause your death."
According to Schadenberg, proponents of euthanasia were backed by many big names, including stars from the entertainment industry. Opponents of assisted suicide were led by one: Liz Carr, a well-known disabled British actress and comedian.

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