Tuesday, July 21, 2015

TV Ontario promotes assisted suicide.

By Alex Schadenberg
Executive Director, Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

The Ontario government funds, TV Ontario,  a broadcaster that has scheduled to air the one-sided documentary "Gloria and Me", on July 29. The documentary is about Gloria Taylor, the woman whose case led to the dangerous and irresponsible Supreme Court decision that struck down Canada's laws protecting people from euthanasia and assisted suicide.

EPC does not oppose TV Ontario airing "Gloria and Me" but rather we oppose the one-sided promotion of euthanasia and assisted suicide by the media. TV Ontario is primarily funded by the Ontario government.

Send emails or phone TV Ontario (link) expressing your opposition to airing a one-sided documentary without providing equal time by airing a program against euthanasia and assisted suicide. They could at least have set-up a debate after the airing of the program.

Euthanasia and assisted suicide are issues of life and death. It is in the public interest to always air all sides of this issue.

Link to a previous TVO program from 2011 that was fair and balanced.


Anonymous said...

"I found the description for the Program TV Ontario will be presenting next week entitled "Gloria and Me" to be one-sided and discriminatory toward people with disabilities. The text refers to "indignities" that Ms. Taylor faced, presumably because she had a disability and needed assistance with everyday tasks such as bathing, dressing, eating and using the toilet. This view of disability is as common as it is discriminatory, and re-stating it only perpetuates the prejudice.

Further​,​the teaser lauds Ms. Taylor's "perseverence" in seeking death. This too is a common form of discrimination; while disabled people who work for the supports we need to live go unrecognized, those who demand assisted death ​become the darlings of the media, because they are following the social script.

TV Ontario has an obligation under its CRTC license not to engage in discriminatory or prejudiced portrayals of people with disabilities and other minorities. If this program ends up being as one-sided as the description promises, TV Ontario will be doing a grave disservice to Canadians with disabilities and the public debate on assisted suicide and euthanasia."

Amy Hasbrouck

Rose de Bakker said...

Very well said Amy. Thank you!

Reine Dwyer said...

Thank you Amy I agree with your comment but do not forget the elderly we are in the same boat.
Reine Dwyer

Anonymous said...

Well said Amy Hasbrouk, I agree with you 100%! I to am disgusted with TVO's one sided portrayal, and as a Physiotherapist for 30 years wonder if my work will be considered "futile" or "outdated"? My role in health care is to help people live with dignity. And in some cases to die with dignity by helping them breathe easier, sit or lie more comfortably, and be able to spend time with their loved ones for as long as is possible.
Currently, I watch over and guide my elderly mother. Mom is 90 years of age and while she accepts that she needs help, she also knows that she is loved and still of GREAT VALUE as a Sage Advisor and forcing me to slow down! I have learned to be a more patient person with her- a VALUABLE lesson that is sorely missed in other walks of life.
Please TVO- SHOW A MORE BALANCED DISCUSSION on the issue of Euthanasia. Let's face it, the Canadian Government's role is to PROTECT IT'S CITIZENS AND KEEP US SAFE. Euthanasia is NOT protecting anyone.

M Morse said...

Why is the culture of death the darling of the media? Why don't they celebrate those who help and sustain others with compassion and hope? Why don't they celebrate the courage of those who accept life's bitterest blows and still keep a sense of proportion and a sense of humour.
Life's challenges are what cause civilization to advance and get better. Death is not a problem solver. It is merely and ending.

M.Morse said...

Every year, I watch fewer and fewer "commentator" "Talking heads" "current affairs" Tv shows. They are not intelligent. They never look outside the box. Their views are predictable as if they all followed the same script. It is completely hopeless to expect any kind of balanced intelligent assessment. The current TV Ontario show about Gloria Taylor is a case in point. I watched a 30 minute segment of preventing the spread of AIDS recently and these so called expert managed to mention sex only ONCE as a vehicle, and even that was hetero-sex, a quick reference in passing. Far be it from them to ever suggest that people need to modify or restrain some of their sexual behaviours, that would be so uncool! Meanwhile, they remain deaf to the trumpeting of the elephant in the room (gay male sex) which almost 100% o0f those watching the show know is the MAIN vehicle for Aids spread.
What is the elephant in the room in this love-affair the media is having with who are NOT healthy, wealthy or young.