Friday, February 13, 2015

Jewish leaders dissappointed with assisted suicide decision in Canada.

By Alex Schadenberg
Executive Director - Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

The Jewish Journal reported that Jewish leaders in Canada have reacted with dissappointment  and distress by the Supreme Court of Canada assisted suicide decision.

The Jewish Journal published the email comments by Frydman-Kohl, of Toronto’s Beth Tzedec Congregation, the largest in Canada who is concerned that the decision:

“will blur the distinctive protection that we give to human life and diminish the desire to care with dedication and devotion for the weakest and most vulnerable of our society.”
Frydman-Kohl called for more support and comfort:
“to those who are dying, so that no one, because of loneliness, vulnerability, loss of decision-making ability or fear of pain and suffering, will feel a need to actively end life.”
The Jewish Journal reported that Vaad Harabanin, who represents the Orthodox Jewish rabbis in Toronto said that he was dissappointed and distressed. He stated:
“For over three millennia, Judaism has taught the infinite value and sanctity of all human life and that we must seek to preserve it, while at the same time taking all responsible measures to comfort the ill,” 
The court’s decision “reflects a dangerous trend away from the recognition of life’s inherent sanctity and presents a stark challenge to our nation’s morals,”
The Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs, (CIJA), reportedly sent out a statement saying
this week called the issue “complex” and said it will work to inform the community of “the implications of the decision and the ensuing legislation so they have greater understanding of an issue that touches many families.”
Previous comments by Jewish leaders:

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N. Berg said...

I am in complete agreement with the position of these Jewish Leaders concerning the sanctity of life,and the importance to protect the very vulnerable in our society. This is a slippery slope that no one can truly appreciate the outcome of until it is too late.