Monday, October 13, 2014

Dying with Dignity poll was biased and false

By Alex Schadenberg
Executive Director - Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

A recent online poll, paid for by the euthanasia lobby, claimed that 84% of Canadians support the legalization of assisted suicide.

After reading the poll questions and the results I published an article titled: Assisted suicide polls will fluctuate based on how the questions are asked.

Last week the Globe and Mail had their own online assisted suicide poll. The Globe and Mail has been one of the most one-sided pro-euthanasia publications in Canada.

On Saturday, October 11 - hidden in a small text box on the right hand side of page A8 the Globe and Mail published the following statement:
Next week the Supreme Court of Canada will consider a case from British Columbia that could transform taking your own life into a basic human right' Most pollsters say that Canadians are greatly in favour of changing the law to reflect this Point of view' But when we asked our online readers if they agree with assisted suicide, the response was very different indeed. 
NO 71% (20263 votes) YES 26% (7459 votes) UNSURE 5% (942 votes)
A similar poll done by the Toronto Sun asked: Do you think euthanasia should be legalized? The final result after almost 11,500 votes was: 50% Yes, 41% No and 8% never thought about it. The euthanasia lobby poll questions skewed the results and the poll was not scientific.

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