Thursday, May 23, 2013

Euthanasia bill soundly defeated in New South Wales Australia

A bill to legalize euthanasia in New South Wales Australia was defeated yesterday in the NSW Upper House by a resounding vote of 23 to 13.

Congratulations to Paul Russell, the leader of HOPE Australia, and its coalition partners for coordinating the massive defeat of this dangerous bill.

The bill titled: The Rights of the Terminally Ill, was introduced by Greens MLC Kate Faehrmann.

ABC News Australia reported that:
The bill was defeated 23 votes to 13. 
After an emotional debate, there was an outburst from the public gallery as it became apparent MPs were about to vote down the bill. 
All sides were given a conscience vote on the issue, but no Coalition MP voted in favour of the bill, although some abstained.
The ABC News article stated in its conclusion that:
Ms Faehrmann says the campaign for voluntary euthanasia will continue and the bill will be introduced to the lower house by her Greens colleague Jamie Parker and two Independent MPs.
The annual bill to legalize euthanasia in South Australia is expected to be voted-on soon and a bill to legalize euthanasia in Tasmania is expected to be introduced soon, even though the Tasmanian legislature is believed to be split 12 to 12 on the issue of euthanasia.
The group REALdignitytas is effectively opposing euthanasia in Tasmania.
The Euthanasia Prevention Coalition supports the work of HOPE Australia as it organizes on a National and State basis to protect Australians from euthanasia.

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