Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Don't Give Doctors More Power to Abuse Patient Choice: Vote "Yes" on Montana bill HB 505

Prepared by Margaret Dore, Esq.
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1.  Letter from Kate Kelly to the Senate Judiciary Committee, A Response to David “Doc” Moore, March 24, 2013 (“If these terrible deaths happen when aid in dying (assisted suicide and euthanasia) is not legal, what will happen if these practices are made legal? Doctors will have even more power to take away patient choice”). Letter available here.

2.  Letter from Mike Moe to the Senate Judiciary Committee, March 23, 2013 (“Please vote for  HB 505 to prevent doctors and nurses from having more power to cause patient deaths. They abuse the power they already have. Please consider my mother’s story . . .”). Letter available here.

3.  Letter from Carol Mungas to the Great Falls Tribune, March 14, 2013 (“As illustrated by my husband’s case, doctors and nurses already abuse the power they have.  The stakes are too high to consider expanding their power by legalizing assisted-suicide”).  Letter available here.

4.  Letter from Gail Bell to the Ravalli Republic, March 5, 2013 (“Because of my mother’s experiences, I no longer believe in “physician-assisted suicide. Support House Bill 505"). Letter available here.


Winston said...

This is nonsense and you should know better.

Under the current law, doctors can increase doses of morphine until patients die, and they are ONLY allowed to do this without consent.

It's a murderer's dream come true.

Alex Schadenberg said...


Doctors abusing the use of morphine is a good reason not to legalize assisted suicide.

Giving the doctor the right, in law, to cause your death will only make things worse.

Winston said...

More lies. Legalising assisted suicide will give choice and control to individual patients.

Alex Schadenberg said...

No lies, only the truth.

Giving doctors the right, in law, to cause the death of their patients, would be lethally abused.

Doctors need to be healers and not be involved with killing.

Winston said...

If I was paralysed from the neck down, like Tony Nicklinson, I would WANT a doctor (or nurse, or loved one) to take my life. I'd beg for it. I would not want to choose self-dehydration.


I suggest that you cannot empathise with others, and so you cannot consider what you might do in such a situation.

Alex Schadenberg said...

Dear Winston:

Tony Nicklinson was not paralysed from the neck down, he was diagnosed with locked-in syndrome.

You realize that your comments are very negative toward people with disabilities, who are already seen by many, as having lives that are not worth living.

A real eugenic and fascist ideology.

Winston said...

Semantics. Nicklinson was paralysed from the neck down in addition to having locked-in syndrome.

I am not forcing all disabled individuals to live and die by my edicts and philosophies. You, on the other hand, ARE. Which makes you a fascist slavery advocate and torturer. Polls have repeatedly shown that a majority of the disabled (greater than the majority in general polls) support choice (rather than condescension) at the end of life.

If my life is not worth living to me, then I have the right to end it, and if I cannot do so alone, I have the right to assistance.

Alex Schadenberg said...

Dear Winston:

We have gone through this before and the only conclusion I can make is that you have problems.

Clearly I or the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition are not fascists, we oppose slavery in any form and we are opposed to any form of torture.

We believe in the dignity and the equality of all human beings. We believe a society is obligated to care for all of its citizens.

It is your philosophy that will enable doctors to kill others and will end up killing people with disabilities and other people whose lives are deemed as not worth living.

Alex Schadenberg said...

Oh sorry, it will be done by convincing others that they have requested it or that when they can't request it, it will be done based on the best interests of the person to eliminate suffering. In other words eliminate people with disabilities.

Choice is an illusion.