Thursday, February 14, 2013

In the past few weeks I have received many comments from readers and followers of this blog who did not put their name on their comment. The left an Anonymous comment. It is frustrating for me to read these Anonymous comment because many of them are good.

A few years ago, I decided that I would not publish comments from people who would not leave their name with their comment. 

I have received comments from people who were simply attacking others, or attacking me, who remained Anonymous, so I didn't publish the comments.

I also receive many good and instructive comments from people who are also remaining Anonymous. I did not publish those good comments either.

Whether the comment is instructive or attacking, I simply will not publish an Anonymous comment.

Therefore if you want your comment published on this blog, then you must post your name with the comment.

Alex Schadenberg


Ironsides said...

Hello, Alex! I hate to disagree with you, and it is your blog. However, if Anonymous (hackers' group) is posting positive or encouraging comments, it's like a slap-in-the-face to them to block their comments.

I don't know what the comments include. All I know, is that nobody in Anonymous is safe to post a name.

I have been pretty desperate for their help, to monitor and track our enemies.

Some of them have read me in different networks, and Anonymous is not just some little kid-stuff.

Due to your schedule, chances are you don't understand much about Wikileaks and Anonymous. However, they are doing everything possible, to deal with corruption, wherever it exists.

If Anonymous has ever posted here, it won't fill up the page, like this BadBoy does. They will be brief, and to the point with their message.

As for the trolls, the debunkers and hate-mongers who post Anonymous, they definitely deserve to be deleted.

I'm not Anonymous, because it slows me down, having to use all the layers of security, to get on sites, research and monitor, and respond.

Due to problems they have had, nobody knows anyone by name, location or ID of any kind.

Anyway, just before I leave, if you receive alot of good complimentary comments Anonymously, that will not be Anonymous. They only post to-the-point messages, but would never be posting on a regular basis.

Take care!

Alex Schadenberg said...

Dear Ironsides:

I think you have misunderstood my comment. I am not referring to the group - Anonymous - but to people who make comments but refuse to leave their name with their comment.

Some of the comments are good but others are hate mongering. I do not publish any comments unless the person leaves their name with the comment.