Friday, August 31, 2012

HOPE, Philip Nitschke & Max Dog

The following is a message from Paul Russell, the founder and leader of HOPE Australia. Russell has challenged Philip Nitschke, Australia's Dr Death, to explain how the import of nitrogen cylinders for suicide fits within the parameters of the law. Please read.

Paul Russell
A message from Paul Russell and HOPE Australia:

Today’s Australian ran an article on page three about Dr. Nitschke and Exit International’s latest death method promotion.

You can read the article at my blog by clicking HERE.

Contrary to the headline, I have not accused Nitschke of anything – but he does have some serious questions to answer about where the nitrogen cylinders come from and what advice he is giving purchasers of his latest death process.

Nitschke tweeted this morning: “Christians get medical regulator AHPRA to carry out their anti-Euthanasia witch hunt”. This is wrong on so many levels. It’s not an anti-euthanasia issue – people have a right to their views. Nor did we influence the medical regulator – I simply made a submission and they decided to follow it up – no collusion here.

ACTION: You can help by sending a Letter to the Editor of The Australian by going to the letters page and using the online letter form (CLICK HERE).

In other news:

The Tasmanian Government has made the welcome announcement of the creation of an Elder Abuse Hotline in the Apple Isle. This is a great initiative but one that runs directly contrary to the Tasmanian Premier’s own support of euthanasia legislation. Read my article HERE.

The New Zealand Prime Minister, John Key, shot himself in the foot recently when he discussed his support for euthanasia. He got it horribly wrong which caused outrage in the medical profession that generated a whole barrage of media. You can read my original comments HERE, a radio interview about palliative care HERE and my follow up story HERE.

For New Zealand supporters: There’s a great new website initiative called The Euthanasia Debate. I encourage you and all our NZ friends to register for updates by clicking HERE.

Dr. Nitschke was in the news again recently, this time advocating for a Swiss-Dignitas type death clinic to be set up in Fiji. It seems that his idea of a holiday to die for at the ‘Last Resort’ (as was one media outlet’s headline) was doomed before it even began. You can read my original article HERE and the follow up HERE.

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