Sunday, January 29, 2012

HOPE begins letter writing campaign in South Austalia

HOPE, the young and effective group that opposes euthanasia and assisted suicide has launched a letter writing campaign in South Australia. Those who follow the issue would remember that two bills to legalize euthanasia were initiated and debated in South Australia in 2011. The euthanasia bill that was sponsored by Steph Key, last year, was promoted as a palliative care bill but it clearly legalized euthanasia.

It appears that both bills have been changed and are being re-introduced in the South Australian parliament.

At the same time, Cate Faehrmann MLC, a member of the Upper House in the New South Wales legislature in Australia indicated her intention of introducing a private members bill under the title: Rights of the Terminally Ill to legalize euthanasia in New South Wales. Ms. Faehrmann introduced a similar bill in 2010, that did not receive time for debate in the legislature.

It is also expected that a bill to legalize euthanasia will be introduced in the Tasmanian legislature this year.

Alex Schadenberg is scheduled to go to Australia to speak and build opposition to the euthanasia bills in late June. Alex will be speaking in Melbourne on June 23. Alex will be in Adelaide South Australia from June 24 -26, and he will be in Tasmania from June 27 - 29. More information will be available soon.

Paul Russell
Paul Russell, the founder and leader of HOPE, posted the following article on the HOPE website.

At it again in 2012!

The South Australian Parliament has been besieged by euthanasia & assisted suicide bills over the last decade and more. In the current parliament, there have been no less than four bills introduced across both houses.

In December 2011, the Premier formally prorogued parliament which effectively wiped out all bills still under debate at that time. It remains to be seen how the pro-euthanasia MPs, Bob Such and Steph Key will respond once parliament resumes in 2012. Steph Key has the option of reinstating her ‘medical defences’ bill. (see Advertiser 4th Jan)

At the close of parliament in 2011, The Criminal Law Consolidation (Medical Defences – End of Life Arrangements) Amendment Bill (read more on this bill HERE) was close to a final resolution in the House of Assembly (Lower House).

Letter writing information.

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