Friday, October 7, 2011

Suicide lobby is spinning the truth about assisted suicide in Hawaii.

Compassion & Choices, known by Not Dead Yet researcher, Stephen Drake as Conflation & Con Jobs is once again spinning a lie, this time in Hawaii.

Barbara Coombs Lee claims in an article in the Huffington Post that physician assisted suicide is legal in Hawaii.

This is an interesting claim considering that in the past few years there have been several bills to legalize assisted suicide in Hawaii, that were all defeated. During the most recent legislative session a bill to legalize assisted suicide was defeated in the state Senate Health Committee by a 4 to 0 vote.

It seems that Compassion & Choices, and a few assisted suicide lobby cronies, held a meeting in Hawaii to find approval for their theory that assisted suicide is somehow legal in Hawaii.

Coombs Lee's argument seems very similar to the failed attempt to have the Connecticut court agree that assisted suicide is already legal and the failed attempt in Idaho to have assisted suicide declared legal.

Coombs Lee and her Conflation & Con Jobs team seem to follow the philosophy
"If you say it enough, people will believe you."
Margaret Dore, the incredible legal researcher and Washington State elder law attorney has written a response to Coombs Lee that definitively proves that assisted suicide is not legal in Hawaii.

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