Wednesday, September 21, 2011

"Winning Against Assisted Suicide in Montana"

A conference discussing the opposition to assisted suicide/euthanasia in Montana and what we can do to stop it.

Date: Saturday, October 8, 2011
Where: University of Montana Continuing Education Center, Todd Building Rm 204
Time: 9am – 3pm (with Q & A and discussion)
Registration opens at 8:30am
Lunch (we invite everyone to join us at the campus food court next door for networking!)
RSVP by FRIDAY, September 30 email: or call: 406-849-5161
Moderator: David Hafer, DDS, MS, Montana

Senator Greg Hinkle, MT R. Senator, District 7, Thompson Falls, MT Subject: Opposition to Assisted Suicide in Montana and his pivotal role in preventing legalization to date. Senator Hinkle was elected to the Montana Senate in 2008. In the last legislature session, Senator Hinkle authored SB 116 in opposition to Assisted Suicide. He is a former Chair of the Sanders County Planning Board and a former Sanders County Parks Commissioner.

Annie Bukacek, MD, Kalispell, MT Subject: The formation of "Montanans Against Assisted Suicide & For Living with Dignity: A review of her testimony before the Montana Senate Judiciary Committee, which helped defeat a proposed bill to legalize assisted suicide in Montana.

"Dr. Annie" is an internal medicine doctor with 25 years experience. She owns her own medical practice. In 2010, she and her husband formed Montanans Against Against Assisted Suicide & For Living with Dignity. She worked with an informal coalition to help stop legalization of assisted suicide in Montana. That coalition included Senator Hinkle, attorney Margaret Dore and Bradley D. Williams, now Coordianator of Montanans Against Against Assisted Suicide & For Living with Dignity

Margaret Dore, Esq., MBA Seattle, WA Subject: The current state of the law in Montana: Why people should be against assisted suicide, why we lost in Washington state, and good and bad arguments against assisted suicide. Margaret Dore is an attorney in Washington State where physician-assisted suicide is legal. She is the President of Choice is an Illusion, a non-profit corporation opposing assisted suicide and euthanasia. She was an amicus curie in Montana’s Baxter case. She has published multiple articles against assisted suicide.

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Bradley Williams, Hamilton, MT
Subject: A citizen's vision and strategy for future discussions regarding Assisted Suicide. Bradley Williams is the present Coordinator of Montanans Against Assisted Suicide and For Living with Dignity. He is a veteran salesperson with 40 years experience, serving professionals and the general public. The catalyst to Mr. Williams' involvement in the assisted-suicide issue was an overreaching 2008 judgment solicited by an out-of-state proponent that opened the door for state-sanctioned suicide in Montana. Until then he thought a citizen's duties were to vote, jury duty and pay taxes. After experiencing the encouragement from our legislators and the general public he is sure that we also have the duty to participate in the legislative process.

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