Tuesday, May 24, 2011

North Carolina reports drastic increase in the abuse of the elderly and other vulnerable adults.

An article from the Ashville Citizen-Times reports that Buncombe County North Carolina has experienced double the cases of elder abuse and abuse of other vulnerable persons in the past five years.

The article states:
In Buncombe County, protective services workers responded to 797 reports of adult abuse last year, compared with 318 cases in 2005, The Asheville-Citizen Times reported Monday.

Nancy Warren, program administrator for the N.C. Division of Aging and Adult Services, said incidents of elder abuse are also rising elsewhere.

"We're definitely seeing the same pattern across the state," Warren said.

And national research indicates that for every adult abuse complaint filed, as many as two dozen more go unreported, Warren said.

"I don't know what we would do if the actual numbers were reported," Warren said. "It's an enormous problem."

Warren admits in the article that more active reporting accounts for some of the increase, but she states that insufficient services for people with disabilities and a lack of follow-up when someone is released from medical care is also a problem.

The reality is that society is experiencing a scourge of elder abuse and abuse of vulnerable persons. That most of the abuse is not reported the perpetrator is most often a friend or a family member. The reality is that vulnerable people experienced a devalued existence within society and become often become the outlet of abuse. Abuse is most often financial, but physical abuse and homicide also occurs.

The concept of legalizing euthanasia and/or assisted suicide within the context of the real life abuse that exists for seniors and other vulnerable people will in fact create new paths for abuse, this abuse would be carried out under the guise of "choice" and "compassion".

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