Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Disability Rights Advocate - Robert Greig - Responds to the euthanasia propaganda

I'm a Disability-Rights activist and writer who lives in a hospital's long-term care unit. I was born with Arthrogryposis, and I'm at the stage where I live with a chronic pulmonary condition.

In July, I will have been in long-term care for ten years, and in this ten year period, alot of people around me have died. With all the people I have gotten to know through the years, and who have died, I think most of them died with dignity.--This includes my sweet wife, who died in 2006 from Cystic Fibrosis.

The will of an individual is nobody's business, unless it imposes harm or inconvenience to others. The governments should keep their noses out of it. Leave the laws alone.--No more laws!

The people who stick their nose into "an individual's will" are those who will benefit from "legalized" euthanasia/assisted-suicide!

Sue Rodriguez was bullied by the Duty-to-Die movement,to "legalize" their services! It did not work, and she got to die as she wanted to anyway.--So, this illustrates my point! Leave the laws alone!

Most of the polls really show that, more than anything, Canadians want improved health-care resources and end-of-life care!--Not KILL-BILLS!

Decriminalizing euthanasia/assisted-suicide only creates a double-standard. Law-enforcement needs a single standard which serves all. Aside from Disabled People, elder abuse is a problem where the laws have been passed. Selfish beneficiaries are excused by the laws, so they can finish family members off to get inheritances. --The laws with all the built-in safeguards, which are never enforced!

All the KILL-BILLS are the same!--Well documented with safeguards against abuse. Nowhere have I read that anyone was charged with murder, of the growing number of involuntary murders which occur.--Because the laws are never enforced, and never will be.

Robert Greig

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