Friday, August 20, 2010

Hong Kong euthanasia advocate goes home from hospital after 19 years.

Tang Sui-pun (41), a Hong Kong man who become quadriplegic 19 years ago, is now going home.

Tang Sui-pun become famous a few years ago when he demanded that the Hong Kong government legalize euthanasia. The article from the earthtimes indicated that Tang Sui-pun is still advocating for the legalization of euthanasia.

If this is true, then I would suggest that it is time for him to reconsider his former position.

Like Stephen Fletcher, a Canadian member of parliament and cabinet minister who lives with a condition that leaves him completely paralyzed below his neck, Tang Sui-pun has adapted his life in such a way that reports suggest that he is living a successful and happy life.

If Euthanasia were legal at the time of Stephen Fletcher or Tang Sui-pun's accidents, both men would likely be dead and yet both men have accomplished incredibly in life.

I consider Stephen Fletcher to be a personal inspiration and I prefer that he continues to live and serve our nation.

The earthtimes article about Tang Sui-pun:,right-to-die-debate-goes-home.html

A previous article about Tang Sui-pun:

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